Forget Fake News, Fake Data is Agriculture’s key concern: Digital security in contemporary farming

By Alfred Gilbert

Tue, 4 Apr 2017

It is no secret that farms are benefiting from the digital revolution. Farmers are seeing improvements in the efficiency and productivity of their agricultural practices, helping them to make best use of their land and resources. Big data capture and analysis is the future of farming, but with this new and bold future, comes equally new and dangerous security concerns.

According to FAO estimates, food production will need to increase by 70% to meet global levels of food demand in 2050. Accurate agricultural information and data is essential for achieving sustainability and security of food supply. Appropriate data analysis can help farmers fine tune practices and strategies to help maximise their outputs. Not only is data collection important for interpreting and learning from past events, but it is also vital for predicting future events, enabling stakeholders to intervene before events, processes, or negative behaviours are set in motion.

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Alfred Gilbert

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