Dr. Zhongli Pan from USDA to Speak at AG4.0

By Rebecca Lam

Wed, 8 Aug 2018

London, August 7th 2018 – Dr Zhongli Pan, Research Engineer at USDA and Lecturer at UC Davis, will be attending AG40 hosted by Challenge Advisory in November 2018 in San Francisco, USA.

Challenge Advisory are privileged to have Dr Zhongli Pan speaking on the panel Profitable Sustainability. He will be amongst panellists discussing the use of technology to introduce sustainable agricultural practices. The subjects covered will also include the transition to sustainable agriculture, improving the efficiency in the production and value of products to achieve profitable sustainable production, environmental biotechnology and biodiversity, and IoT and data analytics for suitable agriculture.

Dr. Pan has served in various leadership positions at several professional organisations, including the Trustee of Foundation Board, American Society of Biological and Agricultural Engineers, President of Chinese American Food Society and Vice Chairman of Editorial Board of International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering. He is currently a lecturer at UC Davis, with expertise in Agricultural Engineering and Biosystems Engineering.

Speaking of AG40, Dr Pan states, “Sustainable agriculture has become increasingly important due to increased demand for food, negative impact of climate changes and limited resources. The digital and new technologies to be discussed at AG40 can play significant roles for the future.”

Dr. Pan’s current research focuses on improving the values of agricultural products and their components through new and improved post-harvest and processing technologies, and modelling and optimising food processing for improved food quality and ensured food safety. Dr. Pan has been honoured for developing numerous energy-efficient processing methods that improve the value and healthfulness of a variety of commodities.

Challenge Advisory has designed AG40’s agenda around two key aims – improving the understanding of modern solutions within agriculture for actors from throughout the industry’s supply-chain, and better supporting the development of cross-market solutions and their adoption into industry practices.

Over the course of 2-days, the showcase will give attendees the chance to engage with leading discussions and workshops on the most pressing barriers to security, stability and sustainability within 21st century agriculture, providing AG40’s audience with a chance to have a tangible impact on the definition of the industry’s next chapter in its progression.

For more information on the event and how you can participate, please visit the link below.


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