Who we are

W e are a global strategy consultancy firm deploying our capabilities to address the biggest challenges facing humanity.

We collaborate with pioneers and innovators, in all shapes and sizes, to enable transformational progress in major industries. From research institutions and multinational corporations to government departments and startups, we partner with our clients to turn their ambitious goals into reality.

We combine our expertise in science and technology with business strategy to support our clients achieve their goals and create meaningful change.

What we think

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Traceability requires a transformative approach to technology investments and partnerships

Nearly one-third of global food production is wasted while chronic malnutrition effects 800 million people daily. Western countries receive 75% of global food and agriculture investments despite pressing challenges in developing countries.

Rebecca Lam | Sep 2018


Building incentives for business when creating policies for climate change

We are advising governments to use climate change policy as an opportunity to help drive private sector activity into innovative solutions. We believe governments should be playing a key role in attracting investments and helping facilitate the overall profitability of solutions.

Karveh Cavalieri | May 2018


Creating partnerships and innovation ecosystems with competitors is the only way to drive transformational change

Transformational innovation and disruption across major industries, has very less to do with individuals and specific technological breakthroughs and everything to do with complex systems, partnerships and supply chains aligning together.

Darrell MacClenny | Jun 2018

What we think: Our philosophy

We believe the conventional approaches to tackling social challenges; through the deployment of NGO’s, governments and philanthropy, have failed to make fast enough progress.

Simultaneously, the conventional narrative has also emphasized a trade-off between social impact and profit, with businesses only making a profit at a social cost. We believe the reverse is true. Business creates wealth when it meets a need at a profit, and the profit ensures infinite scalability for maximum impact and penetration. We believe business holds the key to addressing our biggest problems and we are here to support them.

Our values

We are a global strategy consultancy firm serving pioneers and disruptors to address their most critical challenges.

Understanding the conditions with which successful innovation can flourish is not a simple task.


Our focus is to help organisations embrace change to empower innovation, to make the next iteration infinitely better than what proceeded it.


For us, transparency means being honest with our partners and being able to tell them when we cannot add value. We challenge our partners and expect them to do the same, to discuss and to improving how we work to build value for our partners.


We are committed to performance with integrity. Doing what is right for our partners is at the heart of every decision we make. In doing so, we demonstrate integrity in action, at every level, every day.


Everyday is an education, our team are continually building their skills to ensure that they are prepared to help you execute your organisations changes.

Our core

Profitable sustainability

Our expertise lie in helping organisations introduce new innovations which are addressing global sustainability challenges. We believe profitability is the key to addressing these challenges and creating scalable change.

Industry first approach

Each industry has its own unique dynamics. At Challenge Advisory we take an industry first perspective and leverage our industry-specific expertise to provide real-time market insights to our clients.

Challenging our clients

We care about what is right, not who is right. As such, we are constantly challenging our clients to think different, challenging their assumptions and facilitating new innovative thinking.