4 Leaders in the Digital Twins Industry

By Rebecca Lam

Tue, 11 Dec 2018

Digital twins provide widespread benefits to businesses and the supply chain. Although the concept has existed even before an official term was coined, the technology is now gaining widespread attention.

Here are 4 thought leaders within the digital twin space that are providing exceptional value for the technology. As experts and early adopters of the technology within their respective companies, these four digital twin leaders will be familiar faces as the digital twin industry continues to develop.


  1. Christopher O’Connor

Christopher O’Connor


Chris O’Connor is the founding leader and general manager of IBM’s Internet of Things division. He leads the IBM Watson Internet of Things division’s $3B investment to build a business around leading-edge solutions that connect digitizing devices with new business outcomes across commercial, industrial and communications sectors.

O’Connor presented an introduction to digital twins at Watson IoT Genius of Things summit. He believes that the digital twin can help optimize projects across the entire lifecycle, from the engineering phase to the efficiency of the build phase, and facilitate the operations phase.


  1. Monica Schnitger

Monica Schnitger

Monica Schnitger is the founder, president and principal analyst of Schnitger Corporation. Schnitger has developed industry forecasts, market models and market statistics for the CAD/CAM, infrastructure and architectural/engineering/ construction and plant design software markets since 1999. She has been featured on publications such as Automotive Design and Production, Business Week Online, Forbes, Information Week, Mechanical Engineering, Wards Auto World and Washington Technology and has appeared on National Public Radio’s Marketplace.

Schnitger is an advocate of digitalization, stating that the concept of the Digital Twin, is transforming project execution.


  1. Bruce Jackson

Bruce Jackson is the Digital Transformation Specialist at Siemens. He works with engineering professionals to enable better productivity and performance by using best-in-class software tools. A core aspect of his work is helping them to realize their digitization goals with product, production, and performance digital counterpart.

At Siemens, Jackson is helping to increase productivity, efficiency, and innovation by enabling a complete holistic virtual twin of product, production, and performance. He works closely with manufacturing and supporting controllers, drives, and sensors that link the digital thread to machinery.


  1. Sin Min Yap

Sin Min Yap

Sin Min Yap is the VP of Strategy and Partnerships at ANSYS. He has more than 20 years of experience in automotive product development, CAE, CAD, and PLM. Sin Min Yap holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics from Michigan Technological University.

As the VP of Strategy and Partnerships, Sin Min Yap helps to define ANSYS’ Systems and IoT strategy, driving revenue growth across product lines.


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