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W e accelerate growth and digital transformation across the agriculture & food value chain.

Challenge Advisory work in partnership with our clients to build agile, transformative organisations, that are at the forefront of innovation. We deliver our services to the pioneers in agriculture and food.

We advise leaders from the food supply chain on their most pressing issues and deliver strategy in: digital transformation fundraising, talent, sales, change management, agile transformation, marketing and partnership building.

We work across the ag and food supply chain, to solve the most pressing challenges facing the industry

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How can farm co-operatives face up to a volatile, globalised market?

From advances in technology to, USA Tariffs war and Brexit, these are very challenging times for the co-operatives. Agriculture is facing tough times, with industry struggling to cope with the uncertainty of Brexit, volatile commodity prices and increasing costs of employment and labour shortages

Aubrey Longmore | Dec 2018


What needs to be addressed when food and agtech startups have to raise funding

Having amazing paradigm shifting technology will certainly not guarantee investment in 2019. Your technology is only one part of the jigsaw there are 7 other pieces that will give you the best chance to raise funding this year. Using this insight can help you be investment ready

Karveh Cavalieri | Dec 2018


Human capital evolution in an increasingly digitized food and agriculture Industry

Technology’s role in the digitization of the food & agriculture Industry and subsequent controversial impact on workers at times appears to conflict with its role in augmenting human capability. But this is the true future of the sector: an effective integration of automation and human capital

Chris Burns | Dec 2018

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We deliver for organisations regardless of their size in agriculture & food.

Fundraising service for agtech and foodtech

We have built relationships with over 3000 investors, corporate venture funds, VCs and PE firms to ensure that the ag and food tech startups we work with have the best opportunities to raise strategic investment.

Achievements in 2018 from our ag and food team


We help 11 governments address challenges in agriculture and food, developing innovation ecosystems, innovation policy, sustainability, exports and inward investment

$60 million

Through 2018 we helped agriculture and food companies from across the world raise over $60 m to fund their R&D and growth


We helped 78 organisations in agriculture and food in 2018, build stronger teams through our talent team

Consulting services

We empower ag and food technology to make an impact

Ag 4.0 | Looking at the future of U.S. agriculture

Monterey, California

5 December | 2019

A workshop at the Monterey Conference Center to support the fourth industrial revolution (4G) of U.S. agriculture through digital technologies.