Danny Royer from Bowles Farming Co. to speak at AG 4.0

By Maria Onofrio

Fri, 21 Sep 2018

London, September 21st 2018 – Challenge Advisory has invited Danny Royer – VP of Technology- Bowles Farming Company to be a speaker at AG 4.0 in San Francisco from 14-15 November 2018.

Mr. Royer will deliver a keynote address opening the conference and addressing the importance of technology in ag and will also be panellist on the ‘Understanding the Modern Farmer’ stream. This panel represents one of the main concerns in agriculture today. A broad comprehension of the farmer and their practices, trends, and challenges can help to better address broader challenges within the industry, such as efficiency, sustainability and profitability, helping to enable more concise and productive farming methods whilst reducing costs.

Danny Royer has been working in Specialty Crop Farming for over 10 years. Two years ago, Danny joined the Bowles Farming Company Team as the Vice President of Technology. Prior to Bowles, Danny worked in logistics and management roles for large vertically integrated agriculture operations in California’s San Joaquin Valley. Prior to his professional career, Danny received a BS in Agriculture Systems Management from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

As the Vice President of Technology at Bowles Farming Company Danny is responsible for researching and integrating technologies that have benefit to the Farm. Danny focuses much of his attention on how technology is going to change how decisions are made and how the processes behind those decisions are executed. Danny is a firm believer in servant style leadership. Cultivating crops is what Danny focused on in the early part of his career, but today he is also very focused on cultivating the success of those around him.

Speaking of Agriculture 4.0, Danny says “Agriculture 4.0 is an extremely exciting event to be a part of, as everyone in our industry face many of the same challenges and opportunities. Working together for the betterment of all is an event we are honored to be a part of.”

With the help of the Agricultural Supply Chain, Challenge Advisory have built strong insights into how digitalization can be integrated into US agriculture. The mission for our Agriculture 4.0 workshop is to help farmers better engage with the latest technology available in the market and present a wide range of solutions for the modern farmer.

To address these challenges, we have developed the AG 4.0 workshop, a programme designed around bringing key stakeholders from throughout US agriculture together to tackle the most pressing issues in relation to the stability of the market.

To find out how this will be achieved, and how you can be involved, follow the link below:


About Bowles Farming Co.

Bowles Farming Company is a family owned and operated farming operation located near Los Banos in the Central Valley of California. The farm is currently being managed by the 6th generation of the Bowles & Lawrence families. We produce primarily annual crops with a focus on tomatoes (processing and fresh), melons, Extra Long Staple cotton, alfalfa and much more. Bowles grows with both organic and conventional techniques and strive to produce food and fiber in the most ethical and environmentally friendly ways possible. We also manage habitat areas that are key resources for our local ecosystem as well as for migrating waterfowl. For Bowles Farming Company, “Sustainability” is part of everything we do. As a farming family with over 160 years of History, Sustainability is not just a catchphrase, it’s a way of life.

About Challenge Advisory

Challenge Advisory LLP is a multi-sector strategy consultancy. We partner with disruptive and innovative organisations to provide revolutionary solutions to their most pressing challenges.

Media Contact:

Maria Onofrio

Project Director

Challenge Advisory



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