FMC joins Sustainable Intensification 2016

Henry Smith
Sun, 27 May 2018
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 Challenge Advisory partners with FMC Corporation at the Agri-business Summit, Brazil: Sustainable Intensification 25-26th October 2016

 In May 2016, Challenge Advisory announced a project partnership with FMC, the American agriculture solution providers, who will be attending Sustainable Intensification 2016 this year in October.

FMC, the American agriculture solution providers, are the latest organisation to join Sustainable Intensification 2016. With a number of solutions concerning to farm protection, development and finance, they aim to consolidate their business in Latin America by meeting with farm distributors in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to help implement Integrated Pest Management.

Founded in 1883, FMC has been serving agriculture in many regions for over a century as FMC and as its former guise named the Bean Spray Pump Company after founder John Bean, who developed the first piston pump insecticide sprayer.

FMC specialise in sustainable herbicides, fungicides and insecticides for the agricultural sector. Their solutions are effective on a wide range of fruits and vegetables, including corn, wheat and soybean, which enables FMC to address the pests that concern Brazilian agriculture, including the sweet potato whitefly, the boll weevil and the coffee borer beetle.

The main interest for Brazilian cooperatives in FMC, however, lies in their financing schemes. Partnering with John Deere, FMC have programs that will allow for farmers to take greater risks in an attempt to improve their outputs and their profits, which will help to develop the Brazilian agricultural economy.

Karveh Cavalieri, Challenge Advisory Managing Partner, comments: “We are delighted to partner with FMC for Sustainable Intensification 2016. With deep and substantial experience and expertise, we can be sure of FMC’s dedication to providing Brazilian farms with the efficiency and finance they require to thrive.”

Challenge Advisory welcomes FMC to Sustainable Intensification 2016, and hopes they can enhance their impressive track record with Brazilian cooperatives and distributors.

About Agri-business Summit, Brazil: Sustainable Intensification

Starting on Tuesday, the 25th of October 2016, Challenge Advisory’s two-day Summit will continue the development of Brazil’s agricultural growth framework, bringing together key stakeholders from national and local government, global and domestic organisations, cooperatives, distributors, legal firms, farmers, finance providers, professional services and the United Nations.

Organiser: Challenge Advisory

Agri-business Summit, Brazil: Sustainable Intensification 25-26th October 2016

Location: Brazil, Rio de Janeiro – Centro de Convenções Bolsa do Rio

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