Confronting Uncertainty in the Digital Age

By Matanat Rashid

19 November 208

Success in The World of Business is Rarely Achieved Without Uncertainty

The outcome of business strategies in the digital age depends on elements that never stay constant. For example, a dip or rise in the economy, political timeline, and business rival actions have a direct impact on a company’s business strategy. However, it is evident the company has little control over these elements, and hence they are not able to do much about them.

Conversely, these companies can start accounting and confronting the uncertainty through a sound methodology. To begin with, business planners and decision makers should stop viewing strategy as a certain profit-generating tool. Additionally, business executives should start embracing uncertainty as a key element in defining their outcome. Tailoring a strategy without uncertainty is impossible, but crafting a strategy that accommodates uncertainty is vital.



How To Eliminate Uncertainty In Business

It’s crucial to have a thorough understanding of the digital trends that correlate with your business. Business executives tend to apply a trend that is on a rise without understanding its impact on their business. Not defining a clear role of technology in a business strategy triggers uncertainty among the staff and the users, and subsequently affect the outcome and profitability.


Use of Latest Analytic Tools: 

Predicting the future is difficult; and so, people who try to run a strategy process for their company are consistently under pressure. However, with the rise of the latest digital trends, particularly, AI and IoT, it has become considerably easier. These technologies work as modified analytic tools which offer an enhanced view into the future. It enables the planners to make systematically sound strategic decisions under uncertainty.


Regular Case Studies:

It is highly recommended for the strategists to indulge themselves in relevant case studies while crafting a business strategy. They are able to analyse risk by examining dozens of variables for thousands of companies involved in same businesses. Additionally, case studies also provide insights about your industry’s demands, allowing you to plan better for the future. 



Be Realistic and Rational:

It is necessary to craft a strategy on a realistic and rational ground. An unrealistic approach will double the chance of uncertainty while the irrational approach creates doubt and fear of failure. The fear of failure then inhibits good decision making and the company ends up with a poor strategy. Strategists should make their limbic system settle down while they are preparing a draft for future plans.



Seek Professional Help:

Outsourcing an analyst to examine your strategic plan is another way to combat uncertainty. Many companies possess a mindset that hiring an analyst (strategist) is an extra expense. What they don’t understand is the fact that an expert opinion could help their business and ROI in the long-term. Moreover, some companies can completely take charge of developing a strategy for a business. They harness the power of analytics tools, research, and case studies to eradicate uncertainty.


Seek To Secure More Venture Capital For Additional Safety:

If you own a business that has achieved decent levels of success, the source of the uncertainty you are experiencing might be the subconscious fear of losing capital which would then prevent the growth of your business. Often times this issue is hard to realize, but once you dig into the cause and source of your uncertaintly and if you discover that you are uncertain if you’ll have enough capital, finding investors and securing higher levels of funding might be the best course of action for you because it acts as a safety net in case your company makes a few costly decisions. To find out more about how to secure more capital, check out our article on series A funding here.


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