How to Boost Your Sales and Increase Your ROI

By Rebecca Lam

13 September 2018

Many sales leaders are experiencing the frustration of investing in digital technologies that haven’t seen adequate returns. The companies that are storming ahead of the rest have been focusing on meaningful actions that make a different both internally within the company and externally. Here are four ways to make an effective difference within the sales team to boost your sales and return on investment.


Data building

Prioritising data personalisation will boost the capability building of your business. Sales leaders are able to utilise analytics to change the structure of the organisation. Data makes it easy to identify those who are excelling in formance and see where the gaps are in the organisation. This can be used to know the specifics of what skills should should be taught to individual employees through e-tutorials and coaching.


Social Media

Leads are spending increasingly more time on social media, and therefore becoming an area in which your sales team cannot ignore. Sales team have to utilise social media tools such as hashtags, communicate with leads directly on these platforms and join discussion groups. Social media will provide the sales team with a platform in which they can initiate online conversation and engagement, moving one step closer to closing a lead.


Provide proof  

Sales teams have found it necessary to demonstrate their company’s credibility through proving their previous experience. This can be done by demonstrations and free trials to show off your product or service. Testimonials and case studies are also an effective way to prove the legitimacy of your business.



B2B and B2C companies use digital tools to improve communication within the sales organisation – thus benefiting the sales journey for customers. Dashboards, reports and online boards make it easier to communicate real-time insights with each other to share contributions towards the organisation’s goal, creating motivation and momentum within the company.