3 Promising Companies Who Will Improve The Dairy Farming Industry

By Carlos Miskinis

14th of January

One of the most important industries that have been stubborn in terms of embracing new technologies is the dairy industry. In addition to that, milk consumption has dramatically decreased. The very fact that people are drinking less milk does not seem that important. However, when you find out that the worth of milk production 3 years ago was almost worth 40 billion dollars, compared to today when over 40 percent of people are drinking less of it, you start to wonder what happened. This also presupposes that the current state of milk production consists of low demand and high supply – you don’t have to be a scientist to understand that this is bad for business.

There were many causes that resulted in us reaching this outcome, however, one of the biggest ones is that people are more motivated to eat healthier food and worried about animal antibiotics. These are the main bottlenecks that prevent people from consuming milk – initiative must be taken in order to make a change. To do this, we must figure out new ways that would allow us to develop up to date processes for dairy farming by leveraging the power of technology.



Modifying Animal DNA Via Optimal Genetic Breeding

In order to reduce the use of antibiotics that are used to protect cows from diseases, a startup called Recombinetics which is based in Minnesota has started taking initiative on creating tools that would allow to genetically modify cows. This will give farmers and professional growers the luxury to purchase livestock with a natural tendency to be immune to diseases! The quality and health benefits of milk will be increased as a result of this achievement because growers will not be forced to use synthetic medicine on animals. Although the startup is not promising to achieve the ability to create disease immune cows, they have already acquired over 60 million in funding, which obviously solves the financial challenge that prevented them from making their research fruitful.


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Developing Super Animal Feed For Higher Produce Quality

Agrivida, which is a startup based in Boston MA is working on developing a new kind of feed for livestock that will increase the total amount of produce gained. Their new feed is called Grainzyme which essentially takes the enzymes that are usually incorporated into cow feed and grows them inside the corn itself. Since their product is still in its early stages, they will start by focusing on improving the health of cows and chickens first. If they’re successful, they will branch out to other types of livestock in the future – fingers crossed.



Developing a Method To Improve Milk Quality

If we are looking to restore dairy milk its rightful title as one of the most consumed products of all time, besides working on improving the health of livestock, we must find ways to improve the quality of the produce. SomaDetect, which is a startup that has been founded in 2016 (Canada), raised almost 2.5 million to develop a laser sensor that attaches near the udder of the cow. Once it detects milk passing, it uses its infrared sensors to distort milk particles – this allows the machine to determine the quality of the milk. On top of that, the accuracy of the laser technology helps farmers determine how healthy their livestock is and if the milk is infected or not. By using this technology, professional growers will be able to ensure that the quality of dairy milk that is produced by their livestock is of the highest quality only.

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