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XR Technology to Grow Rapidly
in 2018

Gintare Kairyte
Tue, 12 Dec 2017
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Industry interest in XR is growing. Innovative companies are actively exploring how these innovative technologies can be best-applied to improve their operational practices.


“There’s definitely a lot of great things coming from VR,” said Ray Carsillo of EGM Media Group. From new headsets to interactive virtual worlds, many new startups are developing disruptive applications for these technologies. And 2017 has also seen increasing amounts of support and resources being made available to companies, as embedded organisations look to build partnerships with exciting solution providers.


One example of this industry collaboration has been seen with the development of Viewpoint Games, a start up that specialises in virtual reality.


To support their growth and develop their solution, Viewpoint knew they would need powerful workstations. Technical Director Neil Campbell explains: “As VR is quite intensive, and requires the game to be rendered twice, we needed hardware to be able to handle that performance.”


Neil also points out that, as a lean operation, they “don’t have any kind of IT department”.

So, the question for Viewpoint Games was, how to benefit from staying small, whilst accessing the equipment and support they would need to produce their games?

To do so, they connected with Escape Technology and HP. These partners provided Z240 workstations to the company, with further financing and developmental support as required.


Neil stated on the partnership, “As part of the deal with Escape and HP they’ve supplied us with on-site support, which is ideal as if anything goes wrong we know we’re just a phone call away to be able to get it fixed as quick as possible.”


Since the partnership, Viewpoint Games have enjoyed a profitable 2017, and we are excited to see what 2018 holds for them, and the sector in general.




For xR technologies to progress, they need the support of developed partnerships and their resource networks. At Challenge Advisory, we build working relationships between technological innovators and providers. We put together stakeholders that will lead to beneficial outcomes for all invested parties.


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From new headsets to interactive virtual worlds, many new startups are developing disruptive applications for XR technologies.