Generation Z

Brace for the Rise of Generation Z!

Juvani Kika
Thu, 2 Nov 2017
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They are tech-savvy, digital natives who understand their own worth to brands.

Marketers see this bewildering generation as an extremely interesting and exciting group. And now, they have truly arrived on the market. With Gen Z, we’re beginning to see a new legion of teens and young adults who are part traditionalists, part modern tech-inhabitants. A challenging blend that is full of opportunities.


Over the last decade, brands have been jostling to understand how to better engage with this group. Now, however, this focus has shifted onto the companies themselves, with stakeholders asking, ‘how can we create a brand and messages that will truly resonate with this audience?’


Those in Generation Z (currently roughly aged between 16 – 20) are driven by authenticity, and are known to trust peer reviews over ad campaigns. There are a number of further changes and subtleties that need to be addressed for success in modern marketing, as discussed below.


The majority of Gen Z prefer the more privately natured social channels (such as Instagram and Snapchat) over classical ‘broadcast’ platforms, such as, Twitter and Facebook.  In line with this, they are also switched on to adjusting their privacy settings online. Three in four users only allow location sharing for apps that require it for functioning, and only around 8% would be happy to share their location information with even their favourite brands.


This doesn’t mean they do not want to share and communicate with brands; it simply shows that this generation are keen on protecting their personal data. Marketers need to consider this when designing their campaigns.



Gen Z possesses a unique power and understanding of technology. They are born and raised on Smart devices and YouTube, rather than the flip and chunky devices that many of us grew up with. They have never known a world without the internet.   


Generation Z are creating the perfect balance of offline and online interactions to best meet their own consumer needs. While it would be easy to assume Gen Z-ers do everything online, in reality, they don’t. More than half of this demographic would prefer to manage private or sensitive information in store rather than in person.

Looking Forward

Brands need to target Gen Z’s using a good brand-advocacy strategy. This is a critical consideration when reaching out to this audience, and to understanding how a company can best utilise different channels for marketing purposes.


Generation Z can be invaluable if they like your brand. As advocates, they are vocal and active. They can act as powerful ambassadors who can easily incorporate a campaign or product into their own social-media activities. The opportunities are there for the taking. Marketers just need to take the time to properly engage with and understand the demographic’s unique marketing and engagement landscape.   


The characteristics referenced in this article are by no means exhaustive, and there are many more variables to consider when marketing to this audience. To find out more about how this can be achieved efficiently and effectively, read more here.

Marketers see this bewildering generation as an extremely interesting and exciting group.