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Throughout history, agriculture has been an important factor in human existence and evolution.

Today, it is a $5 trillion industry, making up 10% of consumer spending worldwide, but also providing over two-thirds of employment in developing countries.

There is a massive need for agriculture to evolve, however. By 2050, the world population is expected to reach 10 billion, and if current trends continue over the next thirty-five years, over half of them will go hungry.

To ensure that planet Earth is properly fed, there must be billions devoted into maximising crop potential. This vital industry is unfamiliar to many investors, but not to Challenge Advisory.

Challenge Advisory’s agriculture consulting help many organisations with their agriculture practices to adapt to future trends and to survive in this vital industry.

Our Practice

Most of Challenge Advisory’s agriculture consulting relates to satisfying the specific need of our client, using a wide range of knowledge in every area. The industry is diverse, but our agriculture consultants work together to pinpoint what is needed from each aspect of agriculture practice, producing a tailor-made solution for each of our clients, and constantly communicating with our partners in a range of practices to ensure no client is left unsatisfied. Challenge Advisory’s agriculture consulting can assist in market entry, risk, strategy, business development, organisation and sustainability, and we are well-versed in many areas of agriculture.

Land degradation issues such as overgrazing, waterlogging and soil erosion has left plantations vulnerable and reduced the arable land available by over 20%. The constraints imposed by environmental negligence have left agriculture struggling to meet demand in fifteen years, let alone thirty-five: the projected water supply in 2030 is expected to fall short of demand by as much as 40%. In addition to this, diet convergence means that higher demand is being placed on a dwindling number of crops, and agencies worldwide are concerned that this increased competition for resources could lead to political unrest, and possibly war. Agriculture practices in their current guise are unsustainable, and for the human race to survive, reform is required as soon as possible.


Addressing Issues

Challenge Advisory’s agriculture consulting assists clients in the agriculture industry aiming to navigate the opportunities and challenges in this industry of renewed importance. Challenge Advisory’s agriculture consulting includes:

Food Safety and Security 

Challenge Advisory assists clients in developing new systems, protocols and technology designed to analyse and curb the spreading of food-borne diseases for consumers. Challenge Advisory will also advise clients as to the most effective methods of supplying as many people as possible with the nutrients required for their healthy existence, keeping in close contact with food manufacturers and suppliers.

Good Agricultural Practice (GAP)

Challenge Advisory collaborates with clients in the agriculture industry, with a view to developing practices that will create food that will meet future demands without compromising safety or nutritional value. This includes introducing disruptive technology in precision agriculture to our clients, as well as liaising them with other businesses that can provide services useful to the client, forging profitable business partnerships.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Clients working with Challenge Advisory will gain significant knowledge in proper crop management. Challenge Advisory has wide range of contacts that will ensure the client will benefit from the global leaders’ findings in terms of biodiversity, crop innovation and pesticide technology that ensures that maximum value and yield is gleaned from every harvest.



Our Expertise

Our Expertise

Investment - Challenge Advisory advise our clients on the best investment opportunities , associating them with private equity groups and financial investors, supporting industry players in their strategic growth.

Food Supply - We manage international relations and confer with food authorities to produce high levels of food safety and ensure effective functioning of the internal food market from farm to fork.

Farm Operation - Challenge Advisory looks extensively at the entire operation of a farm, helping to drive improvement by optimising inputs, irrigation, storage and precision farming to ensure clients function at maximum efficiency.

Regulatory - Challenge Advisory provides vital assistance for clients in the agrochemical industry, helping them gain approval that enables them to sell freely and proliferate their products in new countries and markets.

Business Development - We assist clients in exporting to new countries, helping to develop strategic initiatives to enable strong and sustainable growth that will be required for agriculture to realize its huge potential.

Storage & Logistics - Challenge Advisory examines the entire logistical chain in agriculture, assisting our clients in grain storage, materials transport and supply in order to gain maximum value from agricultural practices.

The Benefits

Appropriate adoption and monitoring of Good Agricultural Practices helps improve the safety and quality of food and other agricultural products.

It may help reduce the risk of non-compliance with national and international regulations, standards and guidelines (in particular of the Codex Alimentarius Commission, World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) and the International Plant Protection Convention IPPC) regarding permitted pesticides, maximum levels of contaminants (including pesticides, veterinary drugs, radionuclide and mycotoxins) in food and non-food agricultural products, as well as other chemical, microbiological and physical contamination hazards.

Adoption of GAP helps promotes sustainable agriculture and contributes to meeting national and international environment and social development objectives.


The Challenges

In some cases GAP implementation and especially record keeping and certification will increase production costs. In this respect, lack of harmonization between existing GAP-related schemes and availability of affordable certification systems has often led to increased confusion and certification costs for farmers and exporters.

Standards of GAP can be used to serve competing interests of specific stakeholders in agri-food supply chains by modifying supplier-buyer relations.

There is a high risk that small scale farmers will not be able to seize export market opportunities unless they are adequately informed, technically prepared and organised to meet this new challenge with governments and public agencies playing a facilitating role.

Compliance with GAP standards does not always foster all the environmental and social benefits which are claimed.

Awareness raising is needed of ‘win-win’ practices which lead to improvements in terms of yield and production efficiencies as well as environment and health and safety of workers. One such approach is Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Agriculture - Read Our Case Studies

Cultivating Agriculture

Challenge Advisory agriculture consulting acquaints pioneers in agricultural expertise with the organisations who need them most. We help clients to enter new markets and grow in existing markets, associating them with private financiers and established industry players. In agriculture, the proliferation and proper use of raw materials is becoming increasingly vital, and Challenge Advisory is dedicated to acquainting clients in the package and processing business with procurement and risk-management strategies in order to improve their performance.

Challenge Advisory’s agriculture consulting assists clients in maximising the potential of their crop, both economically and nutritionally, reducing shrinkage and optimising their supply chains, which brings maximum value and ensures that limited crop availability is utilised as efficiently as possible. Challenge Advisory encourages clients in ameliorating agriculture sectors to cultivate more jobs in rural areas, working with donors to boost the rural economy, as well as to improve farming techniques that will result in higher yields and minimal wastage. Finally, we aim to minimise wastage and bring agriculture practice into the 21st century by introducing new disruptive technology into the market such as crop monitors or field mapping.


Challenge Advisory's agriculture consulting involves work with a number of partners in agriculture, at all stages in the supply chain. All of our partners provide innovative service that is helping to progress the agriculture industry.


Challenge Advisory helps businesses in the agriculture sector to improve their own organisational practices. Once this is achieved, we help to integrate the entire value chain of agriculture for better visibility, improved efficiency and comprehensive sustainable development.
The Agriculture practice includes the integration of precision agriculture practices such as automation or sensor data relating to weather or soil conditions, enabling farmers regardless of their technological proficiency to improve their productivity and efficiency by managing their resources more effectively.

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