Biggest conference on digital twin technology in 2019

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  • The biggest digital twin conference this year
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By Carlos Miskinis
Digital twin research expert
Mar 2018

As the Digital Twin technology is growing in popularity amongst companies who are seeking to adopt it, attending conferences on this matter are great places to learn more about the capabilities of the concept and participate in the evolution of digital simulations. However, the technology itself hasn’t yet arrived at the stage of mass adoption and hardly any event organizers are willing to promote workshops and events on Digital Twin to a huge extent. This is why Challenge Advisory has taken serious initiative towards compiling the best conferences across the world that will surely help you understand what Virtual Twin is about, help you build valuable connections by networking and give you a solid understanding on what are the key factors that are missing from making this technology used across all industries.


What are the biggest digital twin workshops that are happening this year?


#1st Event of 2019 on the list:


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Part 2

Explaining the conference's main agenda and point of value

The event is suited for businesses who want to stay on the cutting edge and adopt digital twin

The focus of this event is to support the development and growth of the simulation and development capabilities of the technology in order to help with its implementation across all industries. The main structure of the event will be dedicated to encouraging discussion between innovators, tech companies and the users of virtual twin in order to work on solving the biggest hurdles in the industry. Moreover, as the workshop progresses, industry leaders will have the ability to get their word out regarding how they are implementing simulations, creating virtual replicas of their physical products, funnels, systems and what advice they can give to digital twin manufacturers in order to improve the customer experience.


This workshop is best suited for individuals who are actively implementing digital twin into the processes of their business but want to find out more about all of the features that the technology can provide for them. In addition, the representatives will have the opportunity to be able to represent their company on stage. This can be an immense opportunity to share your insights on the value that your brand provides to the marketplace and how you are using virtual simulations to help with that.


latest conference on technology we have held in the US


Why consider attending these live events on digital twin technology?


The biggest benefit of participating in these workshops is the opportunity to find additional ways on how Digital Twin can benefit your business because it is still in the early stages of adoption. By gaining insights from huge industry leaders and finding out how they are utilizing the power of virtual simulations, you will get the upper hand on your competition in terms of creating better processes for your product and/or service development. On the other hand, if you belong to a company who is specializing in technology consulting services, the potential to forge client partnerships and present your pitch on the stage will also be valuable – biggest industry innovators will be there.


Finally, the event is also very beginner friendly. Meaning, if you are simply curious about how simulation technologies work, over a dozen company presentations will be made in the workshop as well. This will give you a good understanding of the current stage of the tech, how companies are using it and where the trend is heading.





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