Technological Innovation: Impacts

Improvements in the sophistication and power of technological solutions are blurring the lines between man-and-machine within the workplace. Because of this, many sectors have had to adapt their working practices and recruitment strategies to remain effective in a digitizing world.

Take for example the project outlined below:


Talent shortage in Advanced Technologies:

There is no hiding the fact that there is a serious talent shortage in high tech areas. This lack of skills and knowledge is being compounded by the speed of technological advancements, as professionals and workers struggle to adapt and develop accordingly.

Some argue the fact that it is only a matter of time before human jobs become obsolete because of technological solutions, and so the imbalance between human and machine development is a null point.

A final strain on the contemporary workplace is that we have an aging population in the UK, meaning less people are entering the workforce than leaving it. Resources are stretched, and if general trends continue, this is only going to worsen.


Tailored Recruitment Strategy:

The relationship and future between man and machine is not straightforward. It would be naive to say that there will never be a place for humans in the workplace. Companies need to technological leaders.

At Challenge Advisory, we focused on providing tailored recruitment strategies for our clients in relation to our digital future, sourcing and securing candidates with leading knowledge in relation to agriculture, blockchain, IoT, Robotics, xR technologies and 3D printing.

To help with talent growth, we provide training and development services that all new recruits have the skills and understanding needed to make an impact at your organisation. Individuals who can lead the integration of technology into your business practices and operations.


Overcoming a crisis:

Our work with our diverse range of clients (in terms of both industry and size), has helped implement profitable solutions in terms of practice efficiency and operational productivity.

Clients have seen increased returns on the investments in relation to talent, owing to less expenditure on wage forces. For example, finding a machine solution and singular skilled professional to carry out the work that would historically require multiple humans.

All in all, our ability to find suitable and effective talent has helped companies grow and develop. We build a company around individuals who will lead a company into a successful and technological future.

Moving Forward.

The future for talent:

Moving forward, Challenge Advisory is constantly looking for new and disruptive clients to help.

We have successfully partnered with a number of great clients, and have helped them overcome large hurdles in terms of recruitment and business development through our end-to-end talent management process.

Challenge Advisory's talent team is focused around technology, and we firmly believe that the companies which we help properly engage with technological solutions, will be (if not already are) the leaders of their industry.

Access The Full Impact Study

Challenge Advisory have complied a document to outline an example of our industry leading work within the recruitment and talent industry. The study exemplifies our ability to provide effective recruitment and end-to-end talent management strategies and solutions.

Download the study to get more detail on recruitment solutions within digital contexts.