What We Do

Governments who see sustainability as an opportunity will see innovation & growth. Those that push and transition to a low carbon economy sooner will see the largest gains and opportunities for their economy.

Challenge Advisory has continually invested in our sustainability practice so we can draw from industry, academia, technology and NGOs to offer an integrated system that delivers world class solutions for governments and the public sector. We deliver sustainable innovation in Energy, Agriculture, Transportation and Smart Cities

We invest in research and technology to deliver unique solutions to help our clients deliver on their promises to their people.

Our competitive advantage comes from our network, we work with Universities, Startups and Technologists, we embrace and utilise these innovators to deliver solutions that are years ahead of rest of the market.

How we help

  • Government & Public Sector

    Climate Change
    Building public policy to meet climate change obligations
  • Government & Public Sector

    Implementing renewables, climate-smart agriculture
  • Government & Public Sector

    Climate Finance
    Government support to helping Business play their role
  • Government & Public Sector

    Sourcing Technology
    Advice for managing risk and opportunity for investors
  • Government & Public Sector

    Economic Development
    Using sustainability as a catalyst for development policy


Read insights produced by our Sustainability team

Government & Public Sector

Sustainability is now a smart strategic decision

62% of executives consider a sustainability strategy necessary to be competitive today, and another 22% think it will be in the future. We ask why?

Arthur Okun | Dec 2018

Government & Public Sector

Strategies for supply chain sustainability

Supply chains account for between 50% and 70% of both total expenses and greenhouse gas emissions for most manufacturing companies. What can firms do?

Whalid Khan | Dec 2018

Government & Public Sector

Building a culture to drive sustainability

A culture of innovation will show that the organisation is transparent and comprehensive. How does culture open up new opportunities?

Dr Peter Jenkins | Jan 2018

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