How Does Challenge Advisory Help You To Adapt To Industry 4.0?

For any thriving enterprise worth its salt, adapting and successfully implementing aspects of the Internet of Things will be vital to surviving over the next few decades. It is estimated that 40% of the current Fortune 500 companies will no longer exist in ten years, due to their inability to adapt. Challenge Advisory have constructed a number of programs that promote adaptability and facilitate implementation of digitalisation.


Introduce Automation, Improving Flexibility and Efficiency

How We Help:

Challenge Advisory helps to introduce automation, improving flexibility and efficiency of business solutions. This will improve a number of process metrics, such as to-market times as well as customer satisfaction. We have a range of technology companies that are partnered with us specialising in automation, ensuring client satisfaction across all industries.

Our Expertise:

Factory Automation

Process Automation

Laboratory Automation

 Virtualisation, Augmented Reality and Simulation


Seamlessly Transition Into The Digital Age

How We Help:

Embedding software is pivotal to a seamless transition into the digital age. Challenge Advisory focuses on implementation so our clients can get back to innovating. Our wide know-how and contacts with vital industry players meant we provide the best solutions, at low risk and high reward. We integrate software that encourages vertical as well as horizontal integration.

Our Expertise:

Research and Development

Software Integration

Vertical and Horizontal Integration

Supply Chain Analysis

Business Models

Optimise Your Enterprise Operations

How We Help

As-a-service business models are fast replacing traditional models for capital-intensive products, and this will only intensify in the next five years. Challenge Advisory ensures that our clients will be ahead of the game. We give our clients a detailed lowdown on swarms of data on their products, and we held them to convert their products into those with embedded services. We create service platforms that are essential to creating a profitable digital ecosystem.

Our Expertise:

Research and Development

Employee Training

Employee Realignment

Business Model Analysis

Business Model Optimisation

Innovation Training

Data Management

Fully Utilise Big Data and Analytics

How We Help:

Within the rise of machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and big data proving instrumental to Industry 4.0, we help you to keep on top of data proliferation and analysis technologies. These technologies could be the difference between success and failure in your chosen field, and we give you the edge in this emerging industrial landscape. We help you to reshape your business models to adapt, focusing on digitalisation and data-driven decision making.

Our Expertise:


Report Analysis and Automation

Data-Driven Decision Making

Issue-Driven Insights and Measures

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Alignment

Monetisation of Data

Product Lifecycle

Integrate Data, Machines and Organisation

We help you to take full advantage of Industry developments, using our insights on the Industrial Internet of Things and digital advancements. This is done with the aim of boosting your product design strategy, looking at research and development, as well as product innovation. We focus on strategy, technology and operations capabilities to ensure our clients glean maximum value from their products.

Our Expertise:


Product Development

Products to Solutions

Manufacturing and Digital Operations


Catering Locally To Global Audiences

Challenge Advisory helps our clients to build a massive ecosystem of suppliers, contractors, manufacturers and more to help our clients to maximise value from the supply chain. By taking a global view, we don’t limit ourselves when it comes to any aspect of the supply chain, and our wide range of contacts in a number of countries mean our clients can gain maximum value and quality from their supply chain.

Our Expertise:

Growth Strategy Analysis

Digital Transformation

Sustainable Profitability

Man-Machine Integration

Learn More About Our Solutions

Planet Earth stands on the cusp of a technological revolution that changes the way we relate to one another, the way we work and the way we live. We may not yet know the extent of the changes, but one thing is for certain; in order for mankind to fully cope with the digitisation of our world, the response must be complete, and cohesive.

To this end, Challenge Advisory have compiled a document to outline our client service, and to consolidate our efficacy when it comes to providing sustainable solutions to prepare for The Fourth Industrial Revolution, and the advent of the Industrial Internet of Things. Download it below to improve your knowledge of the Internet of Things.