What we do

W e help our clients develop their sales capabilities, ensure their value proposition is fit for purpose and take advantage of todays omni-channel opportunities in order to deliver above market growth.

We help our clients optimise their sales process by accelerating their learning curve. We use our industry expertise to optimise their offering, big data to unlock insights and operational expertise maximise efficient delivery.

How we help

  • Startups

    Investment ready
    Using our experience in due diligence, business design & strategy
  • Startups

    Investment search
    End to end search using our relationships and market analysis
  • Startups

    Understanding valuation
    Building a clear strategy ensure founders receive the best deal
  • Startups

    Syndicate structuring
    Bringing together multiple investors to build a consortium to add value


Read insights produced by our sales & marketing team


Consolidation across early stage fundraising markets

Our analysis has shown consolidation across early stage fundraising markets. In 2012 the average Series round was $2.8 M, by 2017 it has risen to $6.1 M. Importantly, deal volume for tech half declined in half since its 2014 high. Is the era of easy access to early stage capital over?

Dec 2018


Creating competitive advantage through corporate venture capital

Corporate venture capital (CVC) has established its position as an important player within the global venture capital landscape. In 2018, CVC accounted for 27% of total venture capital investments. We explore if CVC can help start-ups create competitive advantage

Dec 2018


Venture capital market structure comparison: UK vs EU vs USA

Venture capital market structures vary significantly between the UK, EU and USA. Average size funds of the UK and EU are almost half that of the USA. Our analyst compare the differences between the regions through data analysis and our experience

Dec 2018

What we think

We believe conventional sales strategy causes firms to burn through cash too quickly leading to missed revenue expectations. In comparison, successful sales strategy accelerates the sales learning curve to optimise the process before scaling resources.

As customers adopt and use solutions, firms modify both its offering and processes associated with making and selling the solution. This is the sales learning curve. At Challenge Advisory we use our industry and sales experience to help firms identify this point as soon as possible.

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