Why Environmental Sustainability is Growing Within Business

By Rebecca Lam

31 July 2018

The fundamentals of environmental sustainability within business is simple – make responsible decisions within your organisation that will reduce your negative impact on the environment.

Environmental sustainability is not just about reducing the amount of waste or emissions produced, but also developing processes and the supply chain to ensure that the business will be stable and sustainable in the future. In the past, many businesses have have had little concern for the impact they have on the environment, with many organisations guilty of polluting the environment and engaging in unsustainable practices. However, many businesses committed to reducing their damaging impact are now increasing and working towards a positive influence on environmental sustainability. Here are some reasons why environmental sustainability is growing exponentially within business.  


  1. Branding

58% of consumers consider a company’s impact on the environment when purchasing a product or service, favouring companies that practice sustainable habits. Companies are now enhancing their brand awareness through highlighting their sustainability beliefs within their corporation and displaying their nurturing values for the environment.


    2. Increase productivity, reduce cost

Developing sustainable business practices will bring efficient operation that enhances the productivity of your employees. The reduction of unnecessary emissions in energy through conservation will also reduce costs substantially. Although it can be expensive to implement these changes within the organisation, it is evident that the long-term results will completely validate the investment.


    3. Attract potential investors and employees

Investors and employees like to be associated with positive organisations that care about their impact. It is important, especially in younger generations, to not be associated with brands that have a history or link to scandal. Showing that your organisation respects the environment and well-being of the people they work with will attract the right people to your business.


    4. Comply with regulations

With climate change and emissions currently high on many people’s agenda, the government have executed regulations towards protecting the environment. By integrating sustainability into your organisation from the onset, you will be prepared for any regulation changes in the future.

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Rebecca Lam

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