The Role of Technology in Sustainable Profitability

By Rebecca Lam

27 July 2018

A key challenge for many organisations in the current climate is balancing sustainable development with general profitable development.

The environmental crisis is an ongoing issue that must be addressed, and companies are under immense pressure to be energy efficient, invent energy effective products and make their supply chain eco-friendly. The answer to this issue is simple – technology. Technology is a crucial within profitable and sustainable development, utilised as a tool for assisting organisations in tackling environmental issues and cutting costs in the process.

An example of a company flourishing in this area is Google. The multinational tech giant is seeking to use sustainable technology to cut costs. They have been sourcing 35% of their energy that is used to run their data centres from clean power sources, gradually hoping to increase this to 100%. Google has strived to achieve this goal by modifying a coal power plant in Alabama and converting it into a renewable power centre. By doing so, the cost of air conditioning will reduce considerably, as the plant will use clean power sources from the nearby river instead of coal.

At Challenge Advisory, we are providing services that help business to develop technology that promotes innovation. Working together with partners in research and development, we help clients create sustainable disruptive technology that creates end-to-end sustainable value.


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Rebecca Lam

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