The Present & Future of Mobile Marketing

By Rebecca Lam

15 August 2018

Mobile marketing in this generation is a must within all industries. The trend is certainly not disappearing, with mobile internet usage surpassing desktop year after year since 2014. As mobile technology is prevalent within the lives of their customers, global brands are now dedicating their time to researching and implementing mobile marketing strategies.




Although geolocation is a privacy concern for many people, 53% of consumers are now willing to share their data to receive more relevant ads. Retailers will be able to use beacon proximity marketing, utilising local Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signal to beam product videos and discounts to people in the area.

Video ads

Video is the future of marketing, with up to 55% of traffic spent on videos. In 2019, it is anticipated that 72% of mobile traffic will be videos. Many consumers now watch videos online for reviews before converting. Companies need to create more videos so clients will stay on their site and not leave to other video platforms.



Vertical video

Vertical video has been trending in 2018, with Snapchat, Instagram, and even music videos  adopting vertical video features. Studies have shown that users rarely rotate their phones to watch an ad, and many advertisers have only a second of scrolling before the video is lost. Vertical videos now give the opportunity to capture the attention of viewers to increase engagement.


An increasing number of people are now shopping on their phones, with more that 50% of traffic coming from mobile. Mobile will play a large role in the future of e-commerce sales, with revenue split between desktop and mobile.

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