The Future of B2B Sales

By Rebecca Lam

15 September 2018

Business-to-business (B2B) sales are undergoing a digital revolution, with B2B companies increasing in growth and productivity. Here are three areas that are providing new opportunities to B2B sales companies that will take them beyond traditional limits and shape the future of sales in the coming years.



B2B companies are making investments in customer relationship management (CRM) software and customer analytic tools to aid their sales teams. Automated live chats and algorithms that show customers other products that may interest them will also make the roles of the sales team easier so that they can focus on improving customer engagement and personalized sales. If you are eager to find out more way on how technology will transform sales departments, you should think about attending our workshop on incorporating sales and digital twin – join the event.



Customer Engagement

Engaging customers will be a driving force for growth in the future. B2B customers find it helpful to contact a salesperson whilst going through the consideration stage of a product or service. Online engagement is a useful strategy that leading organizations are using to increase B2B sales. The utilization of digital tools has given companies the opportunity to speed up the sales process and increase customer loyalty and experience through direct interaction with the sales team.




Generation Z

The sales industry has vastly transformed in the last few decades. Many sales teams are led by a younger generation now, who understand how to leverage technology and have a fresh take on sales. Although the many not have much experience in the industry, they are filled with enthusiasm and determination. Businesses are reviving their traditional sales process and using generation Z to bring sales into a modern and digitalized world.

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Rebecca Lam

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