Top 4 Ways On How You Can Support Local Farmers

By Carlos Miskinis

In order to ensure a sustainable future where the ability to support a growing population in terms of food resources could be a reality, it is paramount to take responsibility in supporting the next generation of farmers. According to the latest statistics, our research team here at Challenge Advisory has accumulated, it is apparent that the average age of farmers in the US has drastically increased over the last 30 years. This means that if we keep ignoring the already slow adoption of farming as a career, the knowledge gap between the older generation and Millennials will continue to grow, making it harder for the youth to successfully adopt agricultural processes required to keep up with the growing demand for food. Moreover, according to the latest statistics from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, over 50% of farmers are planning to retire in the next decade. This problem alone could be the determining factor that will show us whether we will be able to continue progressing in sustainable farming. Luckily enough, due to our initiatives in the popularization of AgTech and our work in the public sector, the young generation is slowly but surely turning towards establishing successful careers in the agriculture sector. However, the biggest hurdle that is stopping us from fully embracing and revolutionizing the current farming processes is that most Millennials who are shifting towards agriculture come from non-agricultural backgrounds. So how can we help the youth get accustomed to farming and most importantly help support the local farmers to ensure a sustainable future? Below are Challenge Advisory’s most optimal recommendations that will help get these questions answered.




Participate In Farming Programs Supported By Local Communities

The world’s biggest problems are often times solved by starting with simple actions. If you are an individual who wants to help support professional growers financially, taking part in farming programs that are supported by local communities will help immensely. The concept of these programs is fairly simple: to support farmers, people can participate by purchasing a share of the produce their local professional growers are trying to sell on a recurring basis. Your first step forward can be as simple as choosing to buy food from local farmer markets instead of buying your groceries from supermarkets.



Supporting Organizations That Are Working On AgTech

It is more than apparent that farmers need to embrace the power of agriculture technology in order to increase long-term profits and sustainability. By finding startups and organizations that have a mission to help make AgTech more efficient and affordable, you can choose to donate a share of your monthly profits to help them achieve their goals.


Get Involved In Legal Work That Is Related To Farmers

Spreading awareness is the third most important thing you can do. It does not necessarily require your financial help if you don’t think that you’re in a position to take part in such initiatives, however, letting authorities in the public sector realize the importance of young farmers can make a big impact.



Consider Volunteering To Help Local Professional Growers

Providing financial aid will have the biggest impact most of the time, however, consciously choosing to volunteer your time and energy can be just as productive. If you know a few local farms around your location, don’t be afraid to offer your help. Whether it would be manual labor or other types of support you can provide, your help will allow local farmers dedicate more time and focus on land cultivation which is one of the biggest factors that determines profitability.

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