Starting Your Analytics Journey

By Rebecca Lam

12 September 2018

Leading businesses are succeeding by utilising data analytics to gather insight and make informed decisions through accurate data. But, how exactly can an organisation start their analytics journey?

The key for small to medium businesses is to utilise the tools that they already have to attain significant data from the analytics. Developing forms for data generation and updating customer-relationship management will be a simple way to achieve this. The management in sales must know what areas need insight and work out how to attain the data and metrics. Prioritising the metrics for a set goal will allow for better success.

With the data gathered, companies must make sure that it is reliable and clean. The database must be constantly updated to make sure that it is not out of date or inconsistent. A leader should also be assigned to make sure this is done to a respectable standard.

The measurements that are most important in the beginning is the number of visitors to your website, where they are coming from and the pages that are most popular within your site. This can be tracked through simple report settings and an analytics tag on your site. As an organisation develops, the analytics will begin to align with the business strategy. Custom reports will provide analytics for targeted and tailored insights that provide you with more clarity and enhance the company’s performance. After customising your reports, you can integrate data from other sources to heighten your insights further. Merging offline data with your digital data will prove to be a valuable combination that will make you stand out from your competitors.


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