Marketing Technologies Guaranteed to Improve Business

By Rebecca Lam

20 August 2018

These days, marketers face many challenges within the changing market, struggling to keep up with how best to sell to consumers. Mobile usage is rising, the algorithm for social platforms are constantly changing, and customers now demand more in terms of experience and service.

Here are five marketing technologies that are helping marketers keep up with the fast-paced industry.



Analytics are crucial to keep track of marketing efforts. Through the setup of web analytic programs, the marketing team can use the data gathered to analyse the results of their ads, posts, emails etc.

Google Analytics has grown to be the most popular web analytics tool for marketers, used by more than 80% of small and medium enterprises. Google Analytics and analytics within social media platforms are a great place to start tracking your results, as the tools are completely free.



In the wake of GDPR compliance, email marketing has become increasingly difficult as permission is needed for you to email your customers. Consumers are now disinterested in email spamming, and only opt to click through if the content is valuable and tailored to their interests. Although tricky, email marketing is effective as it allows you to stay in touch with your customers and improve brand awareness.

MailChimp is a popular marketing automation platform and an email marketing service. Their campaign builder makes it easy for companies to create an email marketing campaign that best suits their specific message.



Half of emails and web searches are now done on smartphones, with smartphone usage etching closer to taking over the desktop. Despite this, less than one third of websites are optimised for mobile. A site that is hard to navigate on mobile will be penalised by Google, lowering your mobile search rankings.

Responsive design is a common technique to optimise sites for mobile. It will automatically resize a website to match the device it is being viewed. Another technique is creating a domain that is specifically for mobile usage.  


Marketing Automation

Marketing automation encompasses almost all the technologies you need within marketing. From online forms, tracking, email campaign management, sales and marketing organisation and analytics, it contains enough data and support to keep the marketing department afloat.

Hubspot is a popular automation software for inbound marketing and sales. The list of tools they provide include features for social media marketing, content management, web analytics, landing pages and search engine optimisation.

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