How to Regain Online Traffic In-Store

By Rebecca Lam

9 September 2018

As online sales and e-commerce grows year after year, will the traditional shopping experience eventually become non-existent? In order for retailers to stay relevant, they must make adaptations to stand their ground against online competitors.

Many retailers have found that offering a better deal in-store is an excellent way to drive traffic in-store. The best deals are usually online, and the appeal is heightened by the convenience of ordering at home. Tempting customers with in-store only offers will increase foot traffic and increase their brand experience. If there are discounts online, retailers must make sure that they are synced to in store too. Mismatching the prices could cause damage to lasting client relationships from brand loyalty and trust.

Offering cheaper pick-up options in-store will encourage customers to get their packages delivered to the shop, as opposed to their home. Attracting the customer to the physical store will give you another opportunity to sell to them.  

Through adapting these techniques, physical shops will be able retain the footfall that would have otherwise migrated to online sales and maintain their stance in the retail industry.

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Rebecca Lam

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