How To Make Your Organisation Eco-Friendly

By Rebecca Lam

28 July 2018

For a business to grow sustainably, it is also important that the management and employees understand the needs and benefits of going green.

Sustainability must be adopted from top to bottom, using big data management to analyse the company’s expenditure and identifying areas of improvement to drive profit sustainably. Here are some of the ways your business can go green:


More Cloud, Less Paper

The Cloud – a decentralised place on the Internet that stores data, makes data more accessible and also reduces energy and physical space. The Cloud will make it possible to eliminate the traditional filing process and save ample amounts of paper that amounts to 25% of landfill waste. Technology as a whole will offer the tools we need to transition  the overflowing file cabinets into an organised and secure digital file system.


Office Supplies & Technology

In the United States, more than four million disposable pens are thrown away every day. Business can make small but effective changes within the office such as stocking the office with reusable pens with ink refills which will work out cheaper in the long term.

When purchasing new technology for the office, companies such as Dell and HP have recycling schemes where they take back or buy your old computers and accessories when buying a new one. To keep track of how much your business throws out, conduct a waste review or audit. Be informed of what you can recycle and inform your employees of this knowledge.



Although we live in a digital age, using paper within business is still inevitable – especially when sending out letter that require envelopes. Switch to eco-friendly or reusable envelopes. This will lead to savings on operating costs, cutting warehousing needs and reducing waste.


Save Energy

Many businesses are embracing renewable energy by powering their offices with eco-friendly methods. Sustainable enterprises such as energy-efficient bulbs and a reliance on alternative renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power, are beginning to become mainstream for offices around the globe.


At Challenge Advisory, we advise our clients in sustainable enterprises throughout the office, enabling businesses to operate more sustainably and improve overall operating costs. The connections we have within the leaders of this niche and growing industry provide us with insight into the best sustainable practices in the business.  

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Rebecca Lam

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