How To Make Customer Engagement a Reality

By Rebecca Lam

24 August 2018

Customer engagement is on the agenda for every business, as achieving this objective will propel customer loyalty, purchases and profits. Customers are becoming more digitally connected, altering the customer journey. As a brand, engaging with your customer at different touch points is key to forming a lasting relationship which will allow you to reap the benefits for years to come.

Companies must be patient with their investment in customer engagement as the returns are not seen immediately. It’s an expensive and time consuming process, but an excellent strategy to retain long-lasting customers and profit. C-level executives are the key figures and must push the importance of shifting towards a customer-focused strategy.

Augmented Reality (AR) is an extremely effective method to involve customers in your product. Brands have utilised AR to show customers what they can expect with the product, allowing them to discover and visualise products easier. AR provides a truly personalised journey that will positively shape customer engagements.

Ultimately, customer engagement will take you far as a company in the current business climate. Remember – customer service does not equal customer engagement. Customer engagement goes beyond traditional customer service of direct interactions between customer and brand. It’s a wider picture of what happens on their entire customer journey, before and after that interaction.

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