How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Healthcare

By Rebecca Lam

20 September 2018

The potential for artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics within healthcare is seeing exponential benefits, becoming a vital part of the healthcare ecosystem. Although there are challenges to overcome, such as data privacy concerns and lack of human oversight – tech companies, governments and healthcare providers are all willing to invest for better solutions.

Here are a few ways in which digital transformation is well underway in the healthcare industry.


Early detection

Artificial intelligence makes it possible to accurately detect diseases such as cancer within the early stages. The use of AI can provide faster and clearer results that will prevent the unnecessary additional screenings. Wearables within the healthcare industry have incorporated AI to benefit diseases such as early-stage heart disease, allowing doctors to better monitor and detect illness at an earlier and more treatable stage.



Healthcare organisations are accessing health data gathered from technology to better understand diseases. Using technology to keep a record of every symptom and treatment case study will allow for a more accurate diagnosis in future. Researchers are forming partnerships with technology to solve healthcare problems and understand the illnesses that patients are going through.



Health providers can utilise AI to help providers improve disease management and create better care plans to manage a patient’s long-term treatment process. Robots are continually being used within healthcare, from laboratory automation to surgical robots. Robotic technology can help treatment with physical therapy, rehabilitation, and long-term conditions.


Research & Training

AI has recently been applied to aid drug research and discovery. The potential for this technology in the area is significant, as it cuts the time it takes to produce drugs for marketing, and reduces the cost considerably.

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Rebecca Lam

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