Healthcare Startups to Fuel Digital Disruption

By Rebecca Lam

19 September 2018

The increased funding for digital healthcare startups have created a new era of innovation within the healthcare industry. Investors are currently focused on providing financial support to areas such as healthcare system waste, medical wearables, and industry newcomers. These areas will be given business opportunities to drive the acceleration of digital health funding and disrupt the industry as we know it.

It is predicted that leading startups will incorporate areas of infrastructure, treatment and engagement in their strategy to achieve funding success. These organisations and their applications will link these areas and create solutions with advanced analytic capabilities such as machine learning and quantum computing.

Stakeholders such as payers and providers must embrace digital healthcare startups and form partnerships to establish strong strategies. Traditional healthcare organisations must develop to remain relevant in a time of digital disruption. Strategies that could be adopted could include acquiring talent from startments, or establishing digital research and development teams.

Many countries with leading economies are continually looking for ways to better their healthcare system. This approach will directly accelerate startup funding and digital disruption. Digital health startups and their investors will be the catalyst the healthcare industry needs to aid medical costs and improve health solutions.

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Rebecca Lam

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