Why We Need Creativity in the Age of Data-Driven Marketing

By Rebecca Lam

19 August 2018

Data and creativity may be two contrasting topics, but the right combination of both is critical for the improvement of customer experience. The culture of marketing has shifted, not longer relying on creative instincts, but the analytics provided from them. Marketers that are utilising data to drive their creativity are doubling the results of those who do not.

Here are some reasons why you cannot be creative without data.


Test and experimenting

A/B testing makes it possible for marketers to get multiple chances in experimentation with different approaches to see what their customers resonate with. By harnessing the power of data and insight, marketers will be able to see the techniques that are most effective.


Tailored content

Data allows marketers to see where their potential customers are based. Data driven marketing will enable the tracking of what channels their customers use and therefore where to focus their attention on marketing. It will also allow marketers to see which parts of the site they are engaging with and work to tailor content to their customers’ needs.


Confident predictions

Predictions can be made with confidence as data mining and statistics can be used to forecast consumer behaviour. Predictive analytics will allow marketers to be more precise with their technique, focusing on a clear message for their key demographic. It takes the uncertainty out of the creative development process and enables marketers to have more creative control on ads that will guarantee success.



Analysing behavioural patterns will be an effective way to personalise marketing efforts. Messages can be tailored towards each individual target audience to provide a personalised experience and provide maximum returns.


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