Build Customer Loyalty in 3 Steps

By Rebecca Lam

23 August 2018

Although all brands want customer loyalty, many find it hard to achieve and maintain. Loyalty rarely happens naturally – it is strategically built through clever and consistent marketing. Customer loyalty within a business is all about relationship-building. A strong loyalty program will help you build customer trust and retain it.

Here are three steps in building customer loyalty within your organisation.


Know Your Customers

If you want your customers to know you, you need to know your customers. Customers want to feel like they are valued, and customisation will achieve this. Simply sending emails to your customer addressed to their name will trigger positive feelings of personalisation. Sending a “Happy Birthday” email, or remembering the last item they purchased will show the customer that you appreciate and understand them. Offers that incorporate events such as a birthday discount or gift, or a Christmas sample will increase brand loyalty immensely.


Loyalty Cards

Like a company, customers are looking for a return on investment as well. Rewarding your customers for their loyalty will encourage them to come back and spend more. Punch cards are an effective way to ensure that your customer comes back, for example nine times, in order to get the tenth product or service for free.


Customer Feedback

Transparency within the company will show customers that there is a reason to be loyal towards your brand. Asking your customers for feedback online will attract other customers. Even if the feedback is negative, you can reply to a review with a caring attitude and an interest to improve, which will show potential customers that you are a brand that values their clients.   

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