The Most Exciting AgTech Concepts That Are Ready To Be Introduced To Farming

By Carlos Miskinis

During the 2 year period of 2014 and 2015, venture capitalists have put their focus on investing over 2 billion dollars into agriculture technology or “AgTech” it is more popularly known as. This trend has been gaining steady momentum until 2019 and the level of investment is expected to continue skyrocketing in the future as well. The demand for new innovation from the perspective of farmers is clear, however, one of the biggest bottlenecks that deter farmers from adopting new AgTech is the lack of proof or practicality some new concepts have. Because of this, professional growers are quite wary of the fact, that some agriculture technology is too new to be adopted into their farms and they need solid proof that the newest emerging technologies will “fit the bill” in terms of what growers actually need to improve their work processes. We wanted to help farmers get ahead of the curve and stay excited about the most anticipated AgTech concepts that are bound to transform the world of agriculture as we see it. We’ve collected the most exciting technologies that will disrupt the agriculture sector below – let us know what you think.


Remote Satellite Imaging Technology

The technology of satellite imagery hasn’t been in the scene for a long time as it lacked accuracy and the image rendering quality wasn’t great. However, the concept has reached a very solid level of sophistication and now farmers are able to monitor the health of their crops at any given time, without physically being in the field. By using this technology to your advantage, a lot of unnecessary expenses can be prevented simply because you have a complete and transparent vision of your crops at any given time. Apart from simply letting robots take over your farm and “rule” by themselves, some of the pervasive automation options also include controlling the workflow of your most important processes remotely – this presupposes that you will have indirect control at any given time.



Vertical Agriculture/Farming

Although this concept is not considered as “tech”, it is directly connected to agriculture technology itself as vertical farming involves revolutionizing urban areas by establishing vertical farms and AgTech will have a huge impact in that. The innovation will save significant amounts of space, while still yielding close to the same amount of produce as your average land farm would. However, the idea of growing food in a vertical environment was far from reality as the structure of the vertical farms that could allow for successful food growth was not efficient enough to achieve optimal results – not anymore. Now, with indoor light technology at our fingertips, vertical farming is bound to become the leading method of farming in the next decade.



Altering Plant DNA

One of the most exciting technologies out there that will hit the market in a fair amount of time is called mini-chromosomal technology. To keep it short and avoid overwhelming you with all the scientific details, as a farmer, you will be able to modify the DNA of your crops by implementing this technology into the cells of the plants. The modification you will want to be done will depend on your current circumstances. For instance, the weather, what product you are growing, what diseases your crops are prone to and many more of these factors will allow you to make an educated decision to what diseases you want your crops immune to.


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