4 Ways to Get More from Digital Advertising

By Rebecca Lam

16 August 2018

Companies focus much of their time and money on promoting their products and services through advertising and marketing. With digital advertising, the ability is now there to track and edit your ads to increase performance. Digital advertising is progressively making it easier for marketers to drive targeted, direct traffic to their websites.

Here are a few ways you can generate attention to your site through the power of digital advertising.


Ad targeting

Advertising on social media allows you to target your audience down to their location, demographics, and interests. Many channels such as Facebook will let you choose a marketing goal, allowing you to determine whether you would like to increase conversions, brand awareness etc. Twitter also allows you to create campaigns centered around your marketing objectives, offering clear analytics and insights to measure the performance of your campaign.


Specific landing pages

Content that is created needs to be driven to relevant pages. It sounds simple, but many websites forget this step that offers a better user experience and conversion rate. Driving clicks and traffic to a page will be meaningless if the content is not relevant for them to convert.

It can be a very expensive mistake if you send your traffic to your homepage instead of a designated landing page for your ad. Companies must nurture their clients and bring them as close as possible to their unique needs to heighten the user experience and the best chance of conversion.


Effective messaging

Conveying the right message is essential in digital advertising. As the core communication method between the company and the potential client, the copy needs to be striking and compelling. You only have your customers’ attention for a few seconds, so it must be crucial in that timeframe to capture interest through emotive content that encourages customers to click through.



The technology available to us now provides the ability to track those who have engaged with your website previously and remarket to them. If the customer didn’t convert the first time, remarketing will allow you to increase brand awareness by reminding them. For example, if a customer did not checkout their shopping basket, remarketing will follow the customer across other websites they search and appear in ads within those websites.


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