In collaboration with:
In collaboration with:

100 Years 100 Companies

Next Generation Royal Airforce

100 of the planets cutting edge companies demonstrating advancement to the RAF

Convened by RAF in collaboration with Challenge Advisory & Sinclair Fox

100 Years 100 Companies is designed to bring innovative technologies and companies together, to help the RAF and MOD understand organisations capabilities. This two-day event presents a unique opportunity to help the RAF celebrate 100 years while demonstrating technologies that will keep the RAF relevant for the next 100 years. This will be a creative, dynamic, and interactive environment in which to explore innovation, collaboration and growth with the RAF and MOD.

So, RAF has teamed up with the creative minds at Challenge Advisory, to ensure that Innovation can be demonstrated to achieve the next generation airforce:

  • Sharing their own insights, experiences and challenges
  • Interacting with innovative pioneers and corporate catalysts
  • Experiencing emerging technologies from disruptive entrepreneurs

Convened by RAF in collaboration with Challenge Advisory & Sinclair Fox

The Next Generation Airforce, Innovation Realised is:

The next 100 years: the experience continues
"As the RAF looks to the next 100 years, we face unprecedented challenges ... now is the time to define our strategy for the future."
Sir Stephen Hillier

Air Chief Marshal
The Agenda
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The Venue

The Royal Air Force Museum, London RAF100

The Royal Air Force Museum, with its history, is our location for innovative and disruptive technology to take off.

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The Venue

Join us at RAF Museum

RAF Museum

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