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Development is a key aspect of any business. Every business has the long-term goal of continuous improvement and profitability. Profitable Sustainability for a business means that an organisation provides a service or product that is both profitable and environmentally friendly.

Most people think businesses avoid sustainability programs like the plague; the common misconception is that by focusing on expensive green initiatives, profit takes a back seat.

Research shows that sustainability and profit are far from mutually exclusive. 37% of businesses are reporting profit from sustainability and as many as one in two companies have adapted their business model to take advantage of sustainability opportunities. Corporations that actively plan with climate change in mind secure an 18% higher return on investment (ROI) than companies that aren’t. For companies who refuse to disclose their emissions, that number jumps to 67%.

Many companies don’t take the opportunity to implement sustainability. This failure to look beyond the short term can hurt businesses, and as resources become thinner and opportunities become more scarce, it will be harder to recover from these setbacks.

Governments at local and national level are supporting environmentally friendly businesses with incentives while pushing industry standards on pollution and emissions ever higher.

We help clients cultivate a culture of sustainability in our clients’ business. It is important for us to help you introduce new innovation, helping to market for a global audience and foster strategies that are sustainable without compromising profitability.

We are fully committed to providing solutions that not only put your business in the spotlight over the coming years, but also ensures that the world is a better place for when your business reaches its apex.

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    Sustainable supply chains
    Our executive search service identifies, attracts and proactively acquires unique leaders.
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    With global industry networks, we are best positioned to deliver on our engagements
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    Our Leadership Advisory services accelerate the development of key leaders.
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    Sustainability mapping
    We provide organizations with the intelligence necessary to enter new markets


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Innovation culture to drive Profitable Sustainability

A culture of innovation will show that the organisation is transparent and comprehensive. Our research shows that 47% of companies change their business models as a result of sustainability opportunities.

Ben Powell | Apr 2018


The role of technology in Profitable Sustainability

Technology is a crucial within profitable and sustainable development, utilised as a tool for assisting organisations in tackling environmental issues and cutting costs in the process.

Alfred Gilbert | Jan 2018


Understanding why sustainable sourcing strategy is vital for profits

Many suppliers are embracing sustainability as a philosophy for their organisation, changing their pricing and market strategies and taking into account the long-term impact on profit, people and the planet.

Rebecca Lam | Dec 2017

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