Challenge Advisory

Who we are

At Challenge Advisory, our mission is empower organisations to help humanity overcome our great challenges. Our strategies and insights help our clients to develop into strong organisations that challenge the status quo and build solutions that are more efficient and effective than what has been before them.

Our clients are our partners, they are governments, ngo’s, companies, technologists, academia, startups and entrepreneurs each and everyone of them have unique challenges that they trust Challenge Advisory to solve with them.

Through our 4 industry practices - Agriculture & Food, Energy, Healthcare and Manufacturing integrated with our capabilities, we help our clients develop new opportunities and enable sustainable growth. Our unique position of working with the entire value chain including start ups gives our clients the knowledge of what is coming so they can adapt and prosper when disruption occurs.

We are at the start of the 4th industrial revolution which will have an unprecedented impact on our lives through automation. Millions of jobs will be lost, but their is opportunity for the organisations and the people who see the shift to start building new skills and technologies to adapt to this new world.

We believe a way to build a better world and enhance economic prosperity for more of humanity is to use Profitable Sustainability as one of the drivers. Utilizing the methodology, we can improve the profitability of the whole supply chain while ensuring we improve the lives and working conditions of all our clients and their partners.

What we think

Read insights produced by our thought leaders.


Innovation is of the utmost importance when creating business value with sustainability.

A culture of innovation will show that the organisation is transparent and comprehensive. Our research shows that nearly 50% of companies change their business models as a result of sustainability opportunities, with more success achieved when the innovation is more ambitious.

Rebecca Lam | Sep 2018


Building incentives for business when creating policies for Climate Change

Asking government to look at Climate Change policy as an opportunity to build new business models for industry, while developing strategies across the value chain to empower new ecosystems to build and deploy tech to mitigate a downturn in traditional energy sectors.

Karveh Cavalieri | May 2018


Creating ecosystems with potential competitors can make sense

An ecology of competition” through which the paralleled companies operating in the increasingly interconnected world of business, pool resources to develop and deploy innovation with the support of a wider ecosystem, of suppliers, academics and government.

Darrell MacClenny | Jun 2018

Who we help

  • Government & Public Sector
    Strategies to facilitate innovators
  • Industry
    Strategies for growth
  • Startups
    Securing partnerships for finance & growth
  • High tech
    Develop ecosystems to facilitate partnerships

Our foundations start with:

Network of leaders

Whether it is internal or external we drive the concept of building networks of leaders, any successful organisation will trust and develop their people to to lead by example.

Profitable Sustainability

It is important for us to help you introduce new innovation, helping to market for a global audience and foster strategies that are sustainable without compromising profitability.

No Voice is less important

Successful organisations embrace this idea, that regardless of your seniority your ideas and influence is just as important as anyone else, successful companies listen.

Our values

Our values define who we are, how we act, and how what we believe in.


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Opportunities for people who want to solve humanities great challenges.

As a member of our firm, you’ll have opportunities to help some of the world’s most great organisations. Our firm is only as good as the people who are in it, we have a network of consultants who help us change the status quo. Our clients include government, the worlds great companies, world class universities, high tech and startups, this mix of partners gives a unique advantage as we can see innovation before it happens. If you want to drive innovation and help our clients, please apply.