Why The Innovation of Modern Agriculture is Essential For Our Future

By Matanat Rashid

Tue, 28 Aug 2018

The Importance of Modern Farming

While according to the Washington Post 50% of farmers in the US are reluctant to adopt new technology, the implementation of the latest trends in agricultural developments could revolutionise the way farming is currently being done.

Humanity have been incurring in the agricultural practice for ages and applying different techniques for the development and adaptation of humankind, but modern farming is currently imperative. Challenges like labour shortages, water scarcity, GMO concerns, among others, demand new technology to address them all and improve the practice. Let’s review the advantages:

  • Firstly, adopting modern farming techniques would help to produce more in less time which would automatically bridge the gap between the supply and demand. 
  • Secondly, utilising modern day techniques would not only increase profit, but it would additionally give a break to the farmers in terms of hard working the land.
  • Moreover, these days people are cautious about what they eat; from where the food comes from, to quality standards, and affordability. Being accountable for such large data or keeping a track of the statistics is not something every farmer can do. 

However, modern-day farming techniques provide user-friendly software that could help farmers promote their products whilst providing the information consumers or buyers need. The process, as a whole, makes farming more traceable and transparent which keeps both the consumer and supplier happy and satisfied. Last but not the least, advancements in modern farming are becoming more of a necessity rather than an option as the U.N. just highlighted the significance of modern day farming. The United Nations emphasized the fact that these latest techniques could be the catalyst in solving the hunger crisis, as the organisation believes that these techniques are capable in bringing the crisis down by at least 70%.

The Importance of Sustainable Agriculture Technology For Crop Protection

According to the former, “Every year, as much as 40% of global crops are lost to damage from weeds, harmful insects and diseases. Without crop protection, this loss could double.” This way, it is imperative to incorporate technology to make amends for such huge loses. 

Our Agriculture 4.0 workshop mission is to help farmers better engage with the latest technology available in the market and present a wide range of solutions for the modern farmer.

Our Plan For Reiterating The Importance of Modern Farming

To address these challenges, we have developed AG40 workshop, a programme designed around bringing key stakeholders from throughout US agriculture together to tackle the most issues in relation to the stability of the market. To find out how this will be achieved, and whether you can be involved in this, follow the link here and below:



Challenge Advisory is bringing together AG40, a unique workshop where organisations will have the ability to network amongst each other for precise and profitable resolutions across the entire industry. There will be panel discussions and workshop sessions designed to create partnerships and profitable business development, helping to find cross-specialism solutions to current sectoral challenges.

Join Challenge Advisory and all our stakeholders for education, interoperability and investment relating to the latest technology in digital agriculture – click here to find out more:


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Matanat Rashid


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