The 2018 Leaders in Sustainable Profitability

By Rebecca Lam

Thu, 13 Sep 2018

The goal of sustainable agriculture is to meet global food needs without compromising the resources for future generations. An increasing number of organisations are beginning to pay attention to sustainable profitability, focusing on three main objectives – a healthy environment, social & economic equity, and economic profitability.


Here are the leaders that are impacting the world of sustainability, and bringing it to the forefront of the agricultural system.      


Henry Gordon-Smith (@TheAgritect)



Henry Gordon-Smith is a sustainability strategist focused on urban agriculture, water issues, and emerging technologies. He founded his blog,, in 2011, which grew to become a leading media platform covering the news, business, and design of how agriculture integrates with the built environment.

Gordon-Smith is the co-founder of the Association for Vertical Farming, and launched his company, Agritecture Consulting, in 2014. Agritecture Consulting is an urban agriculture advising firm, helping entrepreneurs with vertical farming feasibility studies, recruiting and system design.


Gabriela Burian (@gpburian )


Gabriela Burian has acquired over 20 years of experience within agriculture, as Monsanto’s World Business Council for Sustainable Development strategic advisor for food and agriculture. Burian has been responsible for the partnership with NGOs within Monsanto and is currently the Senior Director of Sustainable Agriculture in Bayer. She is helping to lead the adoption of innovative solutions towards sustainable agriculture landscape with key global stakeholders optimising environmental performance, social inclusion and climate action.

Burian strives to achieve important sustainable achievements, such as climate smart agriculture, through unique collaboration across cultures.


Zhongli Pan


Professor Zhongli Pan is a Research Engineer at the United States Department of Agriculture and an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Biological & Agricultural Engineering in UC Davis. Pan studies infrared heating technology for various food processes, including blanching, peeling, roasting, drying, disinfection and disinfestation and uses ultrasonic and pulsed electric field technologies for improving food processing efficiency.

Dr. Pan has over 30 years of experiences in leading and conducting innovative research and teaching in food and agricultural product processes in academic and research institutions and industry, with several processing technologies implemented or commercialised by agricultural and food processing industry.


Carley Corrado


Carley Corrado is an expert in renewable energy technologies and social ecosystem science in support of creating a sustainable and regenerative future. As a green business strategist and consultant, Corrado dedicates her focus on plant-positive impacts and success within business.

Corrado has acquired a PhD in Chemistry from UC Santa Cruz, and postdoctoral studies in Physics. This led to the development of Soliculture – a plant-optimised greenhouse solar power company, increasing her expertise in regenerative agriculture. Corrado has founded Corrado Consulting, providing development services in the areas of renewable energy, soil science, carbon farming, and the soil-food-web. She is also the founder of Enliven Leadership, helping regenerative agriculture and renewable energy organisations increase their impact and contribution.


Ag 4.0 Workshop  

These industry leaders will be among the panellists at Ag 4.0, a workshop aimed at improving understanding of modern agriculture practices and creating interoperable solutions. Henry Gordon-Smith, Zhongli Pan, Carley Corrado, and Gabriela Burian will be speaking on the sustainable profitability panel, discussing the uses of technology to introduce sustainable agricultural practices. The panel will debate sustainable farming models and the use of technology: from urban agriculture to greenhouses, and how to making the transition to sustainable agriculture.

Join us at Ag 4.0, to be part of a workshop where farmers will be given the opportunity to tell AgTech companies what they need, rather than the other way around. If you are a farmer or grower – secure your FREE ticket here.

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Rebecca Lam

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