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How to target Generation Z in 5 steps

Javier Pozo
Thu, 22 Mar 2018
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Generation Z is here. The number of companies focusing on teenage marketing is rapidly is increasing. Marrketeers are inventing new and disruptive strategies to reach this target audience. To get your head around all the new information, we have put together 5 top tips that will improve your marketing to generation Z:

1- Get on the right platforms: Facebook is the Millennial’s favourite social network, which is why it has been so popular for businesses when promoting themselves. However, for gen Z, you need to be on Snapchat and Instagram. Facebook and Twitter aren’t big with this group.


2- Mobile first: today’s teens are mobile native, spending more time with their smartphone than computer. So, new marketing strategies should be focused on developing websites for mobiles, tablets and apps.


3- Stop advertising: according to various studies, generation Z avoid ads. They are impatient and have never known life without easy Internet access. They demand channels, resources and profiles; if you put too many gates and inappropriate content in front of them, they will go somewhere else to find what they want.

4- 8-Second attention span: Gen Z are fast thinkers. They have an 8-second memory span and that’s one of the main reasons for the success of Snapchat and Instagram. So, if you are interested in marketing to teenagers, you should be very concise.


5- Stop selling to Gen Z and start helping them: empathise with them, rather than try to convince them to buy your product. Create experiences, rather than advertisements. Conversations, not presentations.


These are our top 5 tips about about how to target generation Z, to find out more about marketing and generation Z, click here

Today's teens are mobile native, spending more time with their smartphone than computer.