SST Showcase Farming Technology To Brazilian Agriculture

Sun, 27 May 2018
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    • Provides decision support technology for agricultural organisations


    • Their solutions include data management software, business intelligence tools and information reports, as well as mobile and web apps


    • Have expanded internationally to new markets in Brazil and Australia


Challenge Advisory today announced a project partnership with SST, a global leader in next-generation Farming Technology, who will be attending Sustainable Intensification 2016 later on this year in October.

 The summit is part of a project undertaken by Challenge Advisory with the support of our stakeholders, designed to promote sustainable intensification in the region, focusing on a 65 million-hectare region area known as the Cerrado which is being converted to arable land. Brazil is the main source for commodities such as coffee, soy or corn.

A Unique Approach

Based out of Stillwater, Oklahoma, Site-Specific Technologies (SST) is a privately owned company with branch offices in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Illinois, and Iowa, and internationally in Brazil and Australia. Since its inception in 1994, SST has been at the forefront of precision agriculture as one of the first pioneers of the industry.

Its success can be largely accredited to its unique approach of viewing what occurs on the farm field as a spatial problem with an agronomic application. This approach guided the development of applications such as SST Summit®, FarmRite®, Stratus®, or Sirrus®. Over the last two decades, SST has gained credibility as the expert in structuring and managing spatial data for the agricultural industry.

 Matt Waits, CEO of SST Software notes: “Feeding a growing population goes beyond merely increasing farm production. We must meet global yield demands in such a way that reduces energy consumption, protects local environments, and benefits the social health of all farming communities. The summit in Brasilia is essential in achieving these goals.”

“Great Interest” In SST’s Solutions

 Key to the revolution of Brazil’s sustainable intensification is optimizing the use of inputs. While a large focus is rightly placed on agrochemicals such as bio fertilisers and soil adjuvants, the correct water input is also vital to maximum efficiency and yield on the farm. Irrigation systems is one factor, but maximum potential could be gained by utilizing the Brazilian climate to its utmost; specifically, its level of rainfall.

Karveh Cavalieri, Challenge Advisory managing partner, comments, “I am delighted to welcome the team at SST to our event. There is great interest in disruptive farming technology, especially qualified eco-friendly offerings. Sustainable solutions are the nexus of agricultural innovation and we look forward to providing SST the opportunity to build what we trust will be many fruitful and lasting associations in this vital industry.”

  Challenge Advisory is proud to welcome SST to Sustainable Intensification, where they will be able to provide fresh impetus to Brazilian agriculture by offering technical support to farmers and distributors alike.

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Challenge Advisory is a global advisory firm that specialises in business development and innovation. They work as trusted advisors to governments, global organisations and multinational businesses, helping their clients to expand their markets and strengthen the foundations of their clients’ organisation. They have strong industry connections in agriculture, sustainability and disruptive technology.

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