Raven Industries Accelerate Precision Agriculture in Brazil

Sun, 27 May 2018
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    • Headquartered in the heart of America, Raven Industries, Inc. has designed and manufactured high quality, high-value technical products since 1956


    • Since 1978, Raven Applied Technology has helped create, define and redefine precision agriculture


    • Raven’s purpose is to solve great challenges in areas of safety, feeding the world, energy independence, and resource preservation


Raven Industries have agreed to join Sustainable Intensification 2016 in October, providing the latest technology in precision agriculture, producing field computers designed for monitoring and strategic farming, as well as the software to manage these systems.

 Raven’s main objective in Sustainable Intensification 2016 is to make cooperatives and distributors aware of the developments in disruptive technology spanning the agricultural sector, and bring Brazil greater efficiency in their farming endeavours.

Precision Agriculture Benefits Thanks To Raven Industries

Founded in 1956, Raven Industries have provided resolutions to several economic, social and ecological challenges throughout the world. Their expertise in engineering, manufacturing and technological innovation has helped in the aerospace and specialty films industries, but Raven Industries have redefined precision agriculture with the help of their subsidiary, Raven Applied Technology. Since being established in 1978, Raven Applied Technology has helped to create, develop and define the disruptive technology initiative known as precision agriculture.

Raven provide precision agriculture products and systems that help to facilitate efficient agriculture in a twenty-first century context. Their solutions include field computers, harvest controls and input application controls for fertilisers and biostimulants, as well as Slingshot, which allows for mobile network integration for portable farming.

 Dr. Aubrey Longmore, Challenge Advisory principal, comments: “With the current developments in precision agriculture accelerating at fever pitch, Raven Industries will provide the nation of Brazil with the knowledge and industrial technology they will require to keep up with other nations in the agricultural market. We are confident that they will prove to be profitable partners, and wish them the best of luck in Brazil.”

 Challenge Advisory is delighted to partner with Raven Industries on Sustainable Intensification 2016, and hopes they can establish many profitable partnerships in Brazil to foster the success of the agriculture industry.

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