Top Tips On How To Pitch Business Ideas To Investors –

By Jacob Williams

Wed, 12 Jun 2024

Beginning Your Business Presentation

When it comes to funding your business, the obvious truth is that it all depends on your ability to attract and convince outside investors to provide financial support, in exchange for a stake in your company. As a result, by far the most important factor in this process is your pitch. The pitch is an opportunity for you to present the best of your business or product to any number of investors and secure that vital backing your company needs. In this article, we will guide you through the process and offer advice based on years of experience in business pitches.


How Your Format Should Look Like


When it comes to pitching your business idea, there are 4 possible presenting scenarios you will be faced with:


  • A business plan presentation consisting of no more than 20 slides, and lasting around 20 minutes
  • A two-page brief based on your longer 20-slide presentation
  • An elevator pitch
  • A comprehensive business plan in a document no more than 50 pages


While all of these have slightly varying approaches, there are a number of important things to remember that are relevant to all scenarios. However, the most commonly seen pitch and the one we are focussing on here is the business plan presentation, consisting of no more than 20 slides and lasting around 20 minutes.

communicating your business idea with clarity

The Structure Of Your Business Pitch


By this stage, you should know that the Pitch Deck represents the single most important document for your business (check out our guide on “How to Write a Pitch Deck”). However, you still need to convert this document into an effective presentation. The Key themes to remember when generating this presentation are as follows:

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Jacob Williams

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