Paul Beck, VP of Global Marketing Verdesian Life Sciences, to speak at AG4.0

By Maria Onofrio

Fri, 31 Aug 2018

London, August 31st  2018 – Challenge Advisory has invited Paul Beck –Vice President of Global Marketing, Verdesian Life Sciences -to be a speaker at AG4.0 in San Francisco from 14-15 November 2018.

Paul will be delivering on the ‘Profitable Sustainability’ panel, where discussions will centre on the use of technology to introduce sustainable agricultural practices. The subjects covered will include urban agriculture and the transition to sustainable practices, as well as how to improve the efficiency in the production and value of products to achieve profitable sustainable production and environmental biotechnology and biodiversity.

Mr. Beck is VP of Global Marketing, Verdesian Life Sciences. He came to Verdesian from Bayer CropScience, where he was a Channel Marketing Manager. In that role, he was responsible for the development of the U.S. channel strategy, resulting in dramatic improvement in channel partner perception of Bayer. Before that, Beck spent five years at John Deere Water in San Marcos, CA, first as a Strategic Marketing Manager and then as North American Marketing Manager. In addition, he was a Fulbright Scholar in Germany, where he researched the impact of the Euro conversion on international trade.

Speaking of AG4.0, Paul states “Food production and availability are global issues, and they’re not going away anytime soon. As ‘The Nutrient Use Efficiency People’, Verdesian Life Sciences is laser-focused on participating in any platform, such as AG4.0, that brings attention to this situation and brings together experts from around the world to discuss it head-on. The need for sound science and agronomic solutions are vital to growers around the world, and it is for this reason that we are so honored to actively participate in AG4.0.”

Verdesian states that sustainability is a global movement, but big changes start with small actions. One practice, one tool or one new agronomic opportunity can improve nutrient efficiency, increase yield and dial up profits.

Everything done at Verdesian has the best, long-term interest of the grower in mind.

With the help of the Agricultural Supply Chain, Challenge Advisory have built strong insights into how digitalization can be integrated into US agriculture. The mission for our Agriculture 4.0 workshop is to help farmers better engage with the latest technology available in the market and present a wide range of solutions for the modern farmer.

To address these challenges, we have developed the AG40 workshop, a programme designed around bringing key stakeholders from throughout US agriculture together to tackle the most pressing issues in relation to the stability of the market.

To find out how this will be achieved, and how you can be involved, follow the link below:

About Verdesian Life Sciences

Established in 2012, Verdesian Life Sciences offers farmers and growers the biological, nutritional, seed treatment and inoculant technologies that maximize performance on high-value row crops and specialty crops, as well as turf and ornamental plants. With a diverse product portfolio of over 300 patent properties, Verdesian solutions are designed to enhance crop uptake, reduce nutrient losses to the environment, and improve yields for all growers. They are committed to the research and development of nutrient use efficiency technologies that make farming more efficient, more sustainable, and more profitable.

At Verdesian Life Sciences, they enable a more sustainable, profitable future for farmers through nutrient use efficiency. Verdesian firmly believes that sustainability and profitability are not mutually exclusive, and their NUE technologies are designed to protect the environment while helping farmers outdo what they’ve always done.

Verdesian is highly committed to helping farmers maintain and improve water quality and soil health.

About Challenge Advisory

Challenge Advisory LLP is a multi-sector strategy consultancy. We partner with disruptive and innovative organisations to provide revolutionary solutions to their most pressing challenges. 

Media Contact:

Maria Onofrio

Project Director

Challenge Advisory


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