One Big America – Is it sustainable living?

Sean Monaghan
Thu, 31 Aug 2017
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Endless sex, gigantic burgers and manoeuvring Mustangs. The land of the free is renowned for living life bigger and better. But how would the planet look if everyone lived like an American?


Whether it’s driving a big gas guzzling Cadillac down Route 66 or munching on a monster sized burger at a classic diner, living the great American Dream has attracted millions to its shores for generations.

However asapSCIENCE has unveiled some unsettling results when hunting down the true extent of America’s consumption rates.


Sex, Sex, Sex

On average, Americans make love 138 times a year. A statistic that is only beaten by the French.


Lots of sex isn’t a bad thing, right? Of course not, but contrary to common belief, sex is not a big calorie burner and in America this shows.


According to the State of Obesity, adult obesity levels are above 20 per cent in every one of the country’s 50 states, with this figure rising to 30 per cent in half! In an American world, the future looks heavy.

Eating big

It comes as no massive surprise that the home of the ‘all you can eat’ celebration, has the highest total caloric intake, sugar intake, and fat intake, in comparison to the rest of the world’s wealthiest countries.


On the other end of the spectrum, the country produces 40% of the planet’s waste despite only having 4.4% of its population. Food waste and pollution are two key issues that we as a planet will need to deal with over the next century. We therefore have to raise the question, is the world doing enough?


Pedal to the Metal

The average American drives 13,476 miles per year, and burns through a whopping10 litres of oil per day. That’s right, PER DAY!


The burning of fossil fuels, such as oil, has increased global warming beyond natural growth, an effect that will be extremely detrimental to environmental sustainability moving forwards.



Famous physicist Stephen Hawking recently predicted that humanity has a mere 100 years left on this planet and that’s just with one America, let alone a planet full!


Sierra Club’s Dave Tilford, has reported that a child born in the United States will create thirteen times as much ecological damage over the course of his or her lifetime than a child born in Brazil. A crazy figure to think about.


Life Expectancy

So far this world isn’t looking sustainable, however, it’s not all doom and gloom with a global America. An average American woman is expected to live until 82, the same as expected in the UK, whereas men are expected to live until 77 which is two years less than over here.


The average age of the demographic population of the United States is a very healthy and prime, 31. A young, hard-working population in the majority.

America produces 40% of the planet’s waste despite only having 4.4% of its population

Furry friends

As a society that holds the freedom to hold arms very close to its identity, and, as we’ve seen, a lover of food, Americans currently kill and eat an astounding 10 billion animals annually whilst eating 8 ounces of meat a day.


Of course this is all theoretical but the research by asapSCIENCE is an interesting take on the current state of society and the global sustainability debate going forward. Getting us all thinking, not just Americans, about how little adjustments to our lifestyles can make a big difference is important for our global society moving forwards.


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