Matt Powell, Founder of Agworld, to speak at AG 4.0 on Big Data panel

By Maria Onofrio

Tue, 4 Sep 2018

London, September 04th2018 – Challenge Advisory has invited Matthew Powell – Chief Strategy Officer & Founder of Agworld- to be a speaker at AG 4.0 in San Francisco from 14-15 November 2018. To find out about our other future events, such as the bid data for virtual twins summit which will be held here in London, please contact our support team.

Matt Powell is the technical founder and now Chief Strategy Officer at Agworld. Combining 20+ years’ experience in the computer & data science industry with 10 years in the Ag industry as well as senior leadership roles, Matt loves to bring the technical, business and industry challenges together and drive creative change. Mr. Powell will be speaking on the panel ‘Big Data’, where discussions will focus on how to make the data collected relevant and useful for farmers. Also, Matthew will deliver an exclusive keynote setting the tone for the conference on day 2 while providing his extensive knowledge of big data in agriculture.

Speaking of Agriculture 4.0, Matthew says “Events like Challenge Advisory’s Ag 4.0 Modernizing US Agriculture workshops are critical to the continued race to help primary producers grow the food we need to feed a rapidly exploding population and middle class around the world. This is because technology has been and will continue to be the driving force behind that growth. I’m especially excited to see the depth of exploration into digital technologies and interoperability at this event because I believe we are already seeing that digital platforms like Agworld will play a critical role in increasing the sustainability and profitability of food production while reducing risk throughout the value chain”.

With the help of the Agricultural Supply Chain, Challenge Advisory have built strong insights into how digitalization can be integrated into US agriculture. The mission for our Agriculture 4.0 workshop is to help farmers better engage with the latest technology available in the market and present a wide range of solutions for the modern farmer.

To address these challenges, we have developed the AG 4.0 workshop, a programme designed around bringing key stakeholders from throughout US agriculture together to tackle the most pressing issues in relation to the stability of the market.

To find out how this will be achieved, and how you can be involved, follow the link below:


About Agworld

The Agworld platform enables growers, advisors, applicators and other key stakeholders to work together on the same platform to capture and share farm information; to manage risk, and to drive better decisions that increase whole-farm profitability.

Agworld is now the most used collaborative farm management system in the world and the team is passionate about using technology to vastly improve the profitability, scalability, risk, and sustainability of growers and their service providers all around the world.

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Maria Onofrio

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