LogiAg Presents Innovative Solution For Brazilian Crops and Agriculture

Sun, 27 May 2018
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    • Based in Châteauguay, Canada


    • Specialists in Software Development, GPS Sampling and Soil Erosion Control


    • Their Latest Innovation, LaserAg, uses Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy to analyse the soil, a technology also used by NASA


LogiAg is an agriculture organisation specializing in drainage and erosion control, biosolids and Nutrient Management Plans (NMPs). LogiAg also benefit from strong software and technology development initiatives, from which LaserAg, a revolutionary soil analysis method, was born.

Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy

LaserAg is a system based on Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), a new innovation also used in the mining, pharmaceutical and metallurgy departments, as well as by NASA on their Mars Rover probe. LaserAg is a versatile solution with easy setup and calibration and is highly accurate and precise, with a standard deviation of less than 5%. It is also cloud-enabled, with soil analysis available on the go with a mobile phone app.

Jacques Nault, Co-Founder at LogiAg, has deep experience of the soil industry, and has been working on research into improving soil health since 1984. Commenting on Sustainable Intensification, he said:”At the heart of all agriculture is the soil, and in order to effectively utilize the wide range of other tools at our disposal, we must first understand the main characteristics of the soil we farm. Logiag is committed to provide the agricultural community affordable, efficient, and accurate access to this information. Logiag is excited to work with all the stakeholders at the Brazilian summit and across the globe, to provide unique solutions to help achieve the overarching mutual goals of improving the productivity, efficiency, and sustainability of Agricultural production that will benefit us all.”

LaserAg In Brazil

 The innovations and solutions of LogiAg will be extremely helpful in the sustainable development of Brazilian agriculture. LaserAg is an innovation in precision agriculture, which makes the addition of inputs more efficient, which lowers costs and pollution and results in higher yields.LogiAg, who owns the innovative technology, will be presenting the solution during the Sustainable Intensification Programme organised assembled by international consulting group Challenge Advisory, where organisations spanning the Brazilian agriculture value chain will meet to discuss the key issues affecting sustainable agriculture in Brazil.

Dr. Aubrey Longmore, Challenge Advisory principal, comments, “LogiAg are experts in soil analysis, which is an underrated and ultimately vital aspect of sustainable intensification in Brazil, which will have a global effect. We wish them the best of fortune in presenting their solutions to our stakeholders, and hope they make many valuable partnerships in the industry to fully proliferate the use of soil analysis in contemporary agriculture.”

 Challenge Advisory understands the importance of agricultural inputs in the sustainable intensification and believes Ilsa have the scientific ability and the necessary experience of the Brazilian market to provide fresh impetus into the sustainable inputs market.

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Challenge Advisory is a global advisory firm that specialises in business development and innovation. They work as trusted advisors to governments, global organisations and multinational businesses, helping their clients to expand their markets and strengthen the foundations of their clients’ organisation. They have strong industry connections in agriculture, sustainability and disruptive technology.

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