Let’s hear it from the Speakers! #AG40

By Maria Onofrio

Fri, 24 Aug 2018

As one of the oldest industries in the world, there are several key issues that must be resolved before the planet can move forward with agricultural development. Profitability, efficiency, infrastructure, education and sustainability are all integral aims of agriculture stakeholders. To establish a strong agricultural market in the 21st Century, collaborative digital practices are paramount.

With the help of the Agricultural Supply Chain, Challenge Advisory have built strong insights into how digitalization can be integrated into USA agriculture.

Together, we have produced an agenda for AG4.0, a workshop aimed at improving understanding of modern agriculture practices and creating interoperable solutions. A workshop where farmers will be telling the companies what they need rather than the other way around.

AG4.0 is set to have +40 panellist from the most important American farms, farmers’ cooperatives and companies in the ag industry, along with governmental representatives. Let’s hear what they have to say about their participation on this disruptive workshop.

Matthew Ashton, SVP of Central Valley Agriculture states, “Agriculture 4.0 is an extremely exciting event to be a part of, as everyone in our industry face many of the same challenges and opportunities. Working together for the betterment of all is an event we are honored to be a part of.”

Speaking of AG4.0 Dr. Zhongli Pan, Research Engineer from USDA affirms: “Sustainable agriculture has become increasingly important due to increased demand for food, negative impact of climate changes and limited resources. The digital and new technologies to be discussed at AG40 can play significant roles for the future.”

Kasey Bamberger farmer from Bryant Ag Enterprise says: “We cannot wait to take part in Agriculture 4.0 along with other supply chain representatives. As growers we are always excited to discuss security, sustainability, and stability efforts from food to fork with others in our industry. Together, with collaborative efforts, we will effectively be able to feed, fuel and provide fiber for the world.”

Jeffery Dahlberg, Director of the University of California, Agricultural and Natural Resources acknowledges: “Agriculture 4.0 offers a great opportunity to explore the possibilities of using new technologies to build upon our basic knowledge of agricultural crops. As the world changes and populations continue to grow, we need every technology, old and new, to help secure sustainable, safe, reliable, and abundant food supplies”.

Henry Gordon- Smith from Agritecture Consulting: “With more than 50% of the world’s population living in cities, new models for local agriculture are emerging in unexpected environments and using high-tech approaches. Agriculture 4.0 will explore the role of smart urban agriculture and their applications for smart cities”

Ian Swanson from Delicato Family Vineyards states: “As technology investments increase in agriculture space, so does the data that is produced by these investments.  Leaning now to manage and leverage that data is going to be critical in getting the desired return on the investments made.”

John Plemmons, Californian farmer on AG40: “I am very much looking forward to disseminating and sharing ideas with fellow members of the industry in November. I am supremely grateful to be asked to be a part of AG4.0 as we reach this new frontier in agriculture.”

If you are a farmer and are having challenges, we invite you to be panellist at AG4.0.                 

At Challenge Advisory we want this workshop to be for you, and to create changes within and for the betterment of the agricultural industry.

For more information visit: www.challenge.org/AG40

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