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Sun, 27 May 2018
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Ilsa partners with Challenge Advisory at the Agri-business Summit, Brazil: Sustainable Intensification 25-26th October 2016

In April, 2016, Challenge Advisory announced a project partnership with IpesaSilo, a biotechnology company specialising in organic fertiliser who will be attending Sustainable Intensification 2016 this year.

Challenge Advisory today announced a project partnership with Ilsa, a biotechnology company specialising in organic fertiliser, who will be attending Sustainable Intensification in October 2016. They are the latest organisation to become a business partner with Challenge Advisory in the Sustainable Intensification agriculture project scheduled for 2016.

The summit is part of a project undertaken by Challenge Advisory with the support of our stakeholders, designed to promote sustainable intensification in the region, focusing on a 65 million-hectare region area known as the Cerrado which is being converted to arable land.

Ilsa Group: The Green Evolution

Since 1956, ILSA has been producing and selling organo-mineral fertilizers, biostimulants, special foliar fertilizers and other products with the specific purpose of bringing sustainable practices to both conventional and organic farming. The company’s highly automated plants, which are unique in their field, are the only ones capable of producing the AGROGEL® and GELAMIN® chemicals; these matrices are slow-release solid organic fertilizers and liquid fertilizers with a predetermined molecular weight established during production.

Thiago Stella, Ilsa’s business manager for Latin America, comments: “Sustainability is one of the main targets for the company, since industrial process to the correct use of products on the field. All products are obtained from thermic or enzymatic hydrolysis, and we are hoping to continue our mission of sustainability at this event. We are delighted to partner with Challenge Advisory in Brazil.”

Ilsa in Brazil

 Ilsa have recently developed an unique program for creating new products from vegetal raw materials, known as VIRIDEM®. ILSA’s mission is to better understand and to meet the needs of today’s farming, which is becoming increasingly specialised and focused on environmental issues; to do this, they formulate innovative products of high quality and efficiency through the use of valuable natural feedstock. Ilsa’s line of organic fertilisers restore the soil nutrition, which promotes plant growth and improved efficiency. This will be vital as Brazilian agriculture undergoes a transformation towards sustainable intensification, and with a production plant in Portão, Rio Grande do Sul, there is great opportunity for Ilsa to introduce sustainable inputs to Brazilian agriculture.

Karveh Cavalieri, Challenge Advisory managing partner, comments, “I am delighted to welcome the team at Ilsa to our event. There is great interest in organic fertilizers and innovative crop technology, especially qualified eco-friendly offerings. Sustainable solutions are the nexus of agricultural innovation and we look forward to providing Thiago Stella and Ilsa the opportunity to build what we trust will be many fruitful and lasting associations in this vital industry.”

 Challenge Advisory understands the importance of agricultural inputs in the sustainable intensification and believes Ilsa have the scientific ability and the necessary experience of the Brazilian market to provide fresh impetus into the sustainable inputs market.

About Challenge Advisory

Challenge Advisory is a global advisory firm that specialises in business development and innovation. They work as trusted advisors to governments, global organisations and multinational businesses, helping their clients to expand their markets and strengthen the foundations of their clients’ organisation. They have strong industry connections in agriculture, sustainability and disruptive technology.

About Agri-business Summit, Brazil: Sustainable Intensification

Starting on Tuesday, the 25th of October 2016, Challenge Advisory’s two-day Summit will continue the development of Brazil’s agricultural growth framework, bringing together key stakeholders from national and local government, global and domestic organisations, cooperatives, distributors, legal firms, farmers, finance providers, professional services and the United Nations.

Organiser: Challenge Advisory

Agri-business Summit, Brazil: Sustainable Intensification 25-26th October 2016

Location: Brazil, Rio de Janeiro – Centro de Convenções Bolsa do Rio

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