Isagro Offer Italian Creativity For Brazilian Plant Health

Sun, 27 May 2018
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    • Challenge Advisory today announced a project partnership with Isagro, an Italian biotechnology firm, who will be attending Sustainable Intensification 2016 later this year.


    • They also have a thriving research and development division, invested in the synthesis of new agro-chemical molecules


    • Isagro have a global presence, with factories in China, India and the USA


Challenge Advisory today announced a project partnership with Isagro, an Italian biotechnology firm, who will be attending Sustainable Intensification 2016 later this year. They are the latest organisation to become a business partner with Challenge Advisory in the Sustainable Intensification agriculture project scheduled for the end of 2016.

Sustainable Intensification brings together the value chain of Brazilian agriculture, with the express purpose of fostering sustainable market development in the agricultural sector. Brazilian agriculture is an industry of rich purpose for the South American nation, and with record outputs expected in 2016, there is an opportune moment for Brazil to be known outright as the largest source of crop commodities in the world.

Small Global Players

Isagro will offer their crop solutions and experience of foreign markets, including India, China and South Africa, with a view to providing Brazilian soil with sustainable and efficient crop inputs. Established in 1992, Isagro has emerged as a leading world operator in the agro-pharmaceutical sector.

Isagro is active in the research, development, production and marketing of proprietary agricultural pharmaceuticals on a worldwide scale, and distribute in many vital sectors. 
The policy of strategic partnerships and takeovers that Isagro has developed over the years has resulted in the organisation becoming a “small global player” in the agricultural sector.
 Today, Isagro remains the only company in Italy that currently invests in innovative research for the development of new molecules.

How Isagro Will Benefit Brazil

 Isagro biosolutions are both specialty plant nutrients and biocontrol agents. With the high potential for an influx of agrochemical inputs, Isagro are looking for business development opportunities in Brazil, with a focus on easily-registered formulations or medium term projects of joint development for biocontrol agents, especially those that require registration as Plant Protection Products.

 “Isagro’s mission is to offer farmers innovative solutions for the health of their crops,” comments David Cambri, Isagro’s Product Manager for Biosolutions and Insecticides. “These solutions are safe for the environment, users and consumers of agricultural products.”

Karveh Cavalieri, Challenge Advisory managing partner, comments, “I am delighted to welcome Isagro to our event in Rio de Janeiro. There is a huge demand for sustainable crop solutions, with resource utilisation and sustainable intensification two key facets of the brief given to us by our stakeholders. Isagro have a very strong track record, both in Italy and internationally, and they will prove to be an excellent addition to our event and can provide unique insight and solutions for all of our attending organizations.”

Challenge Advisory look forward to welcoming Isagro to Brazil, and to providing them with the opportunity to build what we trust will be many fruitful and lasting associations in this vital industry.

Isagro Contact Information:

Flavia Di Benedetto, Assistant to Group Director of Marketing & Sales, Isagro

David Cambri, Product Manager Biosolutions and Insecticides, Isagro

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